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How to Finance Your Furnace Installation

A furnace installation needs to be properly financed or else you may putting a huge dent in your savings this fall. For many homeowners, this is a challenge, especially when heat is an absolute necessity during the colder months. Not installing a furnace is simply not an option. Maybe you can rely on blankets, or portable heaters, or a fireplace, but any of those options can only go far in providing warm air keeping everyone satisfied.  A highly-efficient furnace will be able to provide warmth for all areas of your home, and last you for years. But if you are indeed one of those homeowners who is struggling to come up with the right financing for it, you may start thinking that having a highly-efficient furnace in your home is something only relegated to fantasy.

However, you can make that highly-efficient system a reality. There are several payment options and financing programs available today for all homeowners to have a reliable source of heat in their home when the weather takes a turn for the cold. These options allow you to experience benefits like lower annual fees or prepayment penalties. Besides, when your family’s comfort is at stake, you need to make sure you have a system keeping them protected during the colder months. Thankfully, with financing options now available for you to do just that, you can relax so much more knowing you have heat in your home not costing too much on any additional costs.

How Can Home Service Doctors Help You?

At Home Service Doctors, we dedicate ourselves to supplying homes across the area with a high-quality heating. We always have our team of heating technicians available to conduct a furnace installation so you don’t spend a single day this season without heat. They specialize in personable customer service that will ensure your unique heating needs are met and your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. And they are not just “” for nothing. They remedy any heating problem, even when it comes to financing. We want all homeowners to have heat in their homes during the fall and winter. If that means helping you find the proper financing for a furnace, then we are more than up for the task. With our help, you will be able to enjoy the season so much more, with a trustworthy furnace that won’t put a major dent in your savings.

4 Things to Watch Out For with Financing Programs

There are plenty of great of financing programs out there ready to help you get the furnace you need but in the event you stumble upon one you cannot entirely trust, here are 4 features in which you need to be cautious and consider before going through with the program:

  1. Low Monthly Payments: This is great option if you are looking to save money, but be careful. Low monthly payments will result in higher interest rates. Generally, the more money you finance, the more likely that you will pay in interest.
  2. Zero Down Payments: Like low monthly payments, zero down payments will see high interest rates, even higher. Again, a valid option, but be cautious of what it may cost you down the line.
  3. No Annual Fees: You need to be careful of promises like “no annual fees”. It may not even be worth the search for a lower interest rate. Annual fees usually cost up to $200 and you can pay the cost easily with interest rates.
  4. Deferred Payments: Some manufacturers will promote deferred payments for their own gain, but it could be beneficial to you.Deferring payments allows you the option of not having to pay back the loan for 90 days or even a year. A note of caution: you should still be careful of higher interest rates.

4 Payment Options for a Furnace Installation

You may be wondering how homeowners are able to pay for their new furnace. Here are 4 common ways to pay for a more expensive heating services:

  1. Government Programs: There are several financing programs available, both state and federal, to make furnace installation possible for you. For example, if you install a high-efficiency furnace, these programs may provide special financing, like rebates. Your local heating company should be able to provide more info on any programs available.
  2. Bank Loans and Credit Cards: You will be able to pay for a furnace with a bank loan or credit cards if you have sufficient credit or home equity. There is also the option of collateral, which will require you to relinquish a real asset, like a motor vehicle, in exchange for a loan. However, you should still be aware of interest rates regardless of which option you choose.
  3. Online Crowd Funding: Online crowd funding sites like GoFundMe are growing in popularity, so you can receive funding for your furnace installation. This allows you to make a call for any donations to fund any new heating systems and help to donate to strangers for their needs as well.
  4. Barter Websites: Barter sites like TradeAway and BarterOnly will be able to supply the furnace you need in exchange for services or assets. However, you should take caution and create/sign an agreement for any exchanged services.

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