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Pipe Repair: 3 Reasons Pipes Break

Broken pipes are often a harsh reality so few homeowners take into consideration, which is why Plumberologist offers the most comprehensive pipe repair in Fairfax. Pipes are something homeowners take for granted. However, it proves a costly mistake once pipes burst and leave the entire home soaked. Though a broken pipe can turn your Fairfax

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Pipe Repair: What to Know About PEX Piping

The Plumberologist is the go-to name for pipe repair in Fairfax, Virginia for many reasons, probably first and foremost is their extensive knowledge of pipe repair and all the different kinds of pipes. They know exactly which pipe you should be using – do you? Here are some important things you should consider about PEX

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3 Advantages of a New Water Heater

One of the most difficult parts of evaluating your plumbing system is inspecting your water heater efficiency. Although nothing may seem wrong on the outside, if your tank has built up sediment on the inside, your water heater is working harder than it should produce hot water. This means higher energy output and higher energy

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Save Money & Live Better with Water Filtration

Have you considered installing a water filtration system in your Fairfax home? Water filters are so popular these days it’s hard not to and for very good reasons. Adding water filtration to your home can protect you from untreated Fairfax water as well as save you money in the process. Benefits of Installing a Water

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Understanding Why Rooter Service Is Important

If you’re a history buff who lives in Fairfax, you may have checked out the Fairfax Museum, the Civil War Interpretive Center at Historic Blenheim, or the Sully Historic Site before. But just because Fairfax offers all these great sources of learning about history, doesn’t mean your home needs to use old sewer unclogging techniques

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3 Tips for Better Drain Cleaning

Let’s face it: drain cleaning in Fairfax can be exhausting. If your drains aren’t working to the best of their abilities, problems with maintaining cleanliness may arise more often than you think. With drains constantly clogging and disrupting the overall flow of your home’s plumbing system, it may seem like drain cleaning isn’t worth the

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3 Signs You Need Water Filtration Service

There are plenty of enemies that are constantly fighting to invade your water supply. Local landfills, factories, and farms may bring several contaminants to your doorsteps, such as hard water, chlorine, pesticides, and other chemicals. You need to make sure you have an efficient solution to guard the quality of your potable (drinkable) and non-potable

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How To Determine When You Need Gas Line Repair

Plumberologist is happy to provide a plumber who can help you with gas line repair services. Many homes in Fairfax use gas to fuel appliances such as stoves, ovens, furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers, and outdoor kitchens. However, it means the gas has to run through pipes to get to appliances. This means that there

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How To Remove Mineral Buildup from Shower Heads

You know what mineral buildup looks like. The filthy looking, seemingly impossible to clean grime that cakes on your shower head from the hard water running through it. You’re not gonna get this cleaned up with Lysol, and once it gets bad enough it can obstruct your water flow either partially or fully. So what

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Call for Rooter Service When You Notice These 3 Signs!

Tree roots can cause some serious damage to your pipes, which is why you need to call a rooter service in Manassas who can save your pipes from extensive tree root growth. Many older homes in Manassas are more prone to experience tree root blockage, especially if the home is older than sixty years old.

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