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Home Service Doctors Gives Back

Our Home Service Doctors team loves to show up for our community. Recently we donated groceries to Prince William County Community Foundation for children in need. There were SO MANY items that our team had to work hard to get all the groceries into the car. At the end of it all, the car was packed to the BRIM with items ready to be donated. Thank you to all who helped fill the car.

At Home Service Doctors, we take pride in living out the DOCTOR DIFFERENCE. This involves doing whatever we can to serve our community in every way we can. For this year, we have set up a unique opportunity for our customers to give back by donating gently used backpacks. This is to help students from underprivileged backgrounds get access to meals during the weekend. Backpacks that can allow the kids to carry them home with dignity are expensive and seldom donated. To donate, please stop by our office!

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