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Understanding Why Rooter Service Is Important

If you’re a history buff who lives in Fairfax, you may have checked out the Fairfax Museum, the Civil War Interpretive Center at Historic Blenheim, or the Sully Historic Site before. But just because Fairfax offers all these great sources of learning about history, doesn’t mean your home needs to use old sewer unclogging techniques as well! If your home was built more than 50 years ago, is surrounded by a surplus of trees, and has a clogged sewer system, you may have a problem on your hands our rooter service can fix.

At Plumberologist, we specialize in rooter service in Fairfax, including water jetting. If you’re not familiar with rooting services, they’re efficient, non-intrusive, underground plumbing processes to get rid of blockages caused by tree roots. As wastewater runs through your drains it attracts tree roots that thrive off the organic material in the water. Inevitably the roots crack the pipes and cause a serious blockage situation. Water jetting uses high-powered water to blast out the blockages with brute force and clear your pipes efficiently.

Features of our Rooter Service in Fairfax

Through the plumbing expertise of our rooting and water jetting specialists, Plumberologist is able to bring you these features as part of our rooter services in Fairfax:

  • Honest and straightforward prices
  • Flexible warranties
  • Advanced plumbing equipment to efficiently rid your drains of tree roots and other clogs
  • Video camera inspections to scout the pipes before the job and check for efficiency afterward

Benefits of our Rooter Service in Fairfax

Those troublemaking tree roots are no match for our rooting services in Fairfax that will undoubtedly bring you the following benefits:

  • Clearing and cleaning your drains without any tree roots causing water blockage
  • Eliminating the chance of water backing up into your home and costing you major money in water damage repairs
  • Less likelihood that you’ll need another drain and sewer cleaning service in the future
  • Decreasing the water pressure in your sewer system
  • Restoring a healthy and sanitary environment for your family in your household

Home Service Doctors are the experts at offering rooter service for your clogged drains.

Contact our plumbers at Plumberologist for all our rooter service in Fairfax!

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