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How To Remove Mineral Buildup from Shower Heads

You know what mineral buildup looks like. The filthy looking, seemingly impossible to clean grime that cakes on your shower head from the hard water running through it. You’re not gonna get this cleaned up with Lysol, and once it gets bad enough it can obstruct your water flow either partially or fully. So what

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How Can You Save Money on Residential Plumbing This Winter?

It’s not just about heating during the winter; your residential plumbing still matters too. Sometimes homeowners are so focused on staying warm that it becomes easy to forget just how important it can be to maintain and save money on plumbing. Drain clogs, frozen pipes, and leaky faucets are just a few of the plumbing nightmares

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3 Reasons You Should Call about Water Treatment

Water Treatment is essential for your family’s health. If you’re drinking unfiltered tap water, stop. If you’re drinking bottled water, but use the water in your home to shower in, clean your dishes, and wash your laundry, stop. If you’re using untreated water in your home in any capacity, we recommend you stop. We also

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