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Pipe Repair: 3 Reasons Pipes Break

Broken pipes are often a harsh reality so few homeowners take into consideration, which is why Plumberologist offers the most comprehensive pipe repair in Fairfax. Pipes are something homeowners take for granted. However, it proves a costly mistake once pipes burst and leave the entire home soaked. Though a broken pipe can turn your Fairfax home into a living nightmare, our plumbers will clean up the mess and restore your pipes so they’re as good as new.

3 Common Causes of Pipe Repair:

Remember, never rule out any possibility for pipe breakage. Pipes can break for a number of reasons and at Plumberologist, we think it’s important for you to be aware of all of them. Here are 3 of the most common reasons pipes break:

  1. Water Pressure: Clogging can place serious strain on your pipes. Whether it be a clogged toilet or sink, water pressure can intensify to the point where your pipes can no longer handle it. High, intense water pressure will cause pipes to expand and break, leaving a surge of water to flow into your home. While you can always rely on a professional at Plumberologist to fix the situation, it’s also important to perform regular maintenance checks on all plumbing fixtures in your home to avoid clogging and keep water pressure consistent.
  1. Frozen Temperatures: The wintertime can be especially rough on your pipes. As temperatures sink to freezing levels, it heightens the chance of your pipes becoming frozen if your home is not prepared for the season. Water flowing through pipes will freeze when exposed to cold, frigid air, creating a buildup of ice that intensifies water pressure. With ice preventing water from flowing properly, pipes will burst, ensuring it’ll be a winter you’d rather forget. Take the correct precautions before the season begins so your pipes stay above freezing.
  1. Weakened Sections: All sections of your pipes should ideally be firm and ready to handle anything. However, there may come a point where certain sections of your pipes may weaken, especially if your pipes are older. This leaves pipes more susceptible to breakage. If you notice breakages are occurring more often in a certain section of your pipes, then it’s time to call a professional at Plumberologist for further investigation. Quality pipes will keep water flowing at a consistent pace year-round, so don’t forget to ensure all sections are operating at their strongest!

One repair from Home Service Doctors can save your pipes from the brink of total collapse with our expert pipe repair!

If your pipes break for any of these 3 reasons, contact Plumberologist for pipe repair in Fairfax immediately. 

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