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Thien Nguyen
Thien Nguyen 1.0

We used Home Service Doctors over a year ago for a plumbing issue and they did a fine job. But the other week they reached out to us about a complimentary HVAC system check. The person who came out and everyone I talked to was very nice, professional, ...and responsive. The issue was the system check resulted in multiple findings, including CO and the recommendation was to replace our 12 year old system. We figured it could be possible, since we were told HVAC systems only last between 10-15 years. However, before we made any decisions we called our usual HVAC servicer who we've been with for years. They were surprised to hear the issues we were having since they did a summer check a few months ago. After their extensive and thorough review and walk through with us of everything they did, they found the system was running well without any issues. Fortunately for us, we ended up only paying for the non-complimentary system check and CO check from our servicer. We could've spent thousands of dollars for no reason. Because of this, I would not use Home Service Doctors again for anything. Although we didn't pay for anything with them, it's upsetting because we feel like they lied to us. In response to the buisness' reply-- The CO reading captured by your technician was taken from a vent and it read at 10 ppm, he even showed us and stated that it was not dangerous. We just had CO readings taken again and it showed 0 ppm coming out of the vents. Our technician drilled a hole inside the unit and also read 0 ppm there and 16 ppm in the exhaust duct leaving the house, which is expected. There is also an EPA study that has identified the adverse actions of cleaning ducts, citing dangerous air quality for 3 years afterwards and advising against duct cleaning. We keep careful maintenance of our system, even if it is a little old. Thank you for posting replying and standing behind your findings, but I do not agree.Read More...

Tiffany Lavigne
Tiffany Lavigne 5.0

Robin Thompson
Robin Thompson 5.0

October 15, 2020 - Thank you, Sidney, for the great job you did installing the new garbage disposal. Another satisfying experience with Home Service Doctors. Liam worked on the drains in the kitchen sink and bathroom sink. Very efficient and ...knowledgeable. Earlier: I’m so pleased with the service I have received on several occasions from Home Service Doctors. Most recently, Michael Alvarez came to inspect my home’s HVAC system. He completed the work professionally and thoroughly in a timely manner. He explained what he was doing in a way that I could understand and gave me specific helpful suggestions for keeping the system in good working order. It’s a pleasure doing business with Home Service Doctors.Read More...

Cheryl Warner
Cheryl Warner 5.0

The technician, Dakota V., was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. He was very thorough, explained the work to be performed, and checked his work after completion to make sure all was in working order. I was very pleased with the ...quality of work provided.Read More...

Dovey Dubs
Dovey Dubs 5.0

Ann DeShazo
Ann DeShazo 5.0

Will Horton
Will Horton 5.0

Very professional and knew what they were doing. Would use them again. A little on the expensive side but you get what you pay for.

Kim Presland
Kim Presland 5.0

We bought a new house that needed some work.....more work than we thought when we started. Daniel and Esteban spent all week here basically repairing or replacing everything plumbing related. They were wonderful! They worked so hard and obviously knew ...what they were doing. We are so grateful for the pride they took in their work because it matched the pride we have for our new home. We would recommend Daniel and Esteban’s plumbing work to anyone! We hope we don’t need their services again anytime soon but if we do, it’s a comfort knowing they are just a phone call a way! Thank you all very much! We are so happy with your company and the work you did for us.Read More...

Schuyler Cumbie
Schuyler Cumbie 5.0

S Nash
S Nash 5.0


J.P. Nelson
J.P. Nelson 5.0

I must say that I was extremely impressed by the technician that came to our home. Micheal Alvarez upon arrival ensured we were comfortable with his PPE and gave us a run down of the areas of our home he would be working in. Given the pandemic and the ...fact that I have two boys to corral, this was extremely valuable. Beyond that he was very detailed and transparent on the state of our HVAC system an very reassuring by consistently stating "we will take care of you...". This displayed not only his commitment to excellent customer care, but also the fact that he was constantly aware that in doing so he had his company's support in going above and beyond. He did not let me move not one item out of the way in our laundry room, as his main concern was our comfort and the fact that as he is providing service, the customer should absolutely not be burdened. Often technicians think that their explaining goes above the head of the customer. I am not one of those as I do my research. I called Home Service Doctors after receiving an totally unreasonable quote from a company we have a subscription with. It was so outrageous that I sought a second opinion, and after the first assessment by Michael Alvarez, cancelled the two other companies scheduled to come in. The work was swift, the area left spotless and I am confident that as soon as our subscription with John C Flood end we will move to Home Service Doctors. A warm word of gratitude from my sons as well in a loud "Thank you Dr. PEPPER!!!!!!" Keep up with the good work Home Service Doctors as your strenght as a company always lays in the good people you have and keep. Thank you for employing Veterans!!!! Sincerely, Juliana NelsonRead More...

Mitch M
Mitch M 5.0

First, the service professional Sidney Janet arrived on time, asked what the issue was from my perspective, took my input investigated/diagnosed the issue and within minutes he figured out the root cause and fixed it. In the process he also cleaned out ...the sump pump well, the storm drain outside the house, and tested the pumps drainage ability by pouring several buckets of water to make sure it was functioning at optimal level. Service and professionalism was beyond expectations. Today Michael Alvarez serviced our units for the upcoming winter and just like Sidney, he asked me what I was experiencing with the units. He performed all point inspection and identified some maintenance issues I can resolve and recommended services HSD provides. Great service, no pressure and very knowledgeable. Before he left I inquired about system upgrades and he asked my reasoning and presented some great offers. Overall, HSD continues to provide excellent service either top rate experts.Read More...



We were scheduled for a free inspection from Home Service Doctors, and the Mr. Michael Alvarez was our appointed technician. He was really informative and professional and gave us all the knowledge regarding the HVAC status and enough information to help ...us to make informed decision.Thank you!!Read More...

Scott McClanahan
Scott McClanahan 5.0

Michael Alvarez did a great job. Thoroughly explained everything and was very professional.

Will Gunn
Will Gunn 5.0

Robert Kubiak
Robert Kubiak 5.0

Mike Alvarez did a great job!

Patrick Carey
Patrick Carey 5.0

Highly recommend these guys. They came out, they were professional and they explained everything to me so I could understand it. Top notch and more than reasonable rates. Thanks again.

Caroline Hamad
Caroline Hamad 5.0

Kari Oblon
Kari Oblon 5.0

The Home Service Doctors were very prompt and did a nice job of installing a new toilet for me. Dakota was very knowledgeable and did great work. I highly recommend them.

Marshall G
Marshall G 5.0

Brian did a phenomenal job with our water heater installation. His technical expertise and skills put my family at ease when he explained the process and issues with our old water heater. I been a homeowner for 5 years and by far this is the best ...service I ever received in the NCR. Thank you!Read More...

Pamela Mollenauer
Pamela Mollenauer 3.0

Hi I believe he did a good job at the repair but left a mess behind and some of the dry wall got caught in the sink drain I will figure out how to clean it out. I just did not think there would be so much for me to clear up thanks

ArmyNavy 91
ArmyNavy 91 5.0

I originally called HSD when our HVAC broke but they have been a Godsend in the plumbing and sewer areas as well. They called to offer a free some inspection of the plumbing and sewer system in our home. The sewer guys came and attempted to open the main ...pipe which is old and painted over. They ended up going through a toilet and were very patient as they worked through all three of them. They provided photographic evidence of what they witnessed and recommended a hydrojet cleanse of all our drains. My next door neighbor has issues with his plumbing so it was a good idea to get ours checked. Besides I have already used several bottles of Drano down the tubs and the problem kept resurfacing. Greg came and spent nearly 8 hours pulling out hair plugs from the sinks and the tubs, a lint clog from the laundry tub as well. The smell that emanated was atrocious and I was amazed how white and fresh smelling the drains were after he finished. He also gave recommendations to keep them that way, and I’ve made those changes already. This is well worth the cost of clearing the house pipes all the way to the city sewer, especially because it is guaranteed for three years. Thank you, HSD!Read More...

Jun Kim
Jun Kim 5.0

Zarif khan Qurashi sherani
Zarif khan Qurashi sherani 5.0

(Translated by Google) Zarif Khan. Sherani (Original) Zarif Khan. Sherani

Hanu Marella
Hanu Marella 5.0

Tara Casey
Tara Casey 5.0

Keith is amazing. Very personable and knowledgeable. I have been using Home Service Doctors for years and have never been disappointed. They are up to date on all COVID regulations and abide by them.

Celynn Aiken
Celynn Aiken 5.0

Home Service Doctors sent their technician Scott for an inspection of the system their team installed roughly one year ago. Scott was professional, courteous, and easy to talk to. He checked a few areas that I had concerns with and gave me some ...helpful advice. During the inspection he identified some nasty mold that had been growing in the unit. I'm assuming this had come amount due to the high moisture levels in the basement and some recent water damage. Scott went over a few options for our home to eliminate the mold and ensure we don't have this problem in the near future. We ended up having a UV light and Air scrubber added to the unit to address the mold and is especially helpful with the cheng COVID-19 situation. I appreciate HSD's staff like Scott for their candid candor.Read More...

Kathy M
Kathy M 5.0

Home Service Dr is always quick to respond and take care of any problems. After taking out a bush we noticed our AC unit was not level and heard this is bad for the unit. I called and Keith came out the next day and took care of it. AC unit is now ...level. Thanks Keith!Read More...

Carl Angoli
Carl Angoli 4.0

Liam and Esteban were good installers everything was well explained and well done.

Philip George
Philip George 5.0

Keith Herndon came to my house to perform scheduled maintenance on HVAC. He was fantastic! I couldn’t believe how thorough he was. He took his time inspecting my furnace and outside unit and took pictures of important facts (ie temperature readings ...and cleanliness of vents and outside coil). He gave me his honest assessment and provided quotes for any recommended work. Great job, Keith. Thank you and Home Service Doctors.Read More...

James Rinier
James Rinier 5.0

Jay Rodgers
Jay Rodgers 1.0

Poor workmanship and they left a mess. Used cheap materials to form an access panel for water shut off, then created a bulging mess coming out of the wall and admitted they don't know where the main water shut off for the house is. Plumbers who can't ...find a water shut off probably shouldn't be plumbers.Read More...

Caren Hill
Caren Hill 5.0

I have a service contract and every one of the specialists have been excellent. Daniel was out last week to check the water pressure coming in to the house. He installed a larger pressure valve to reduce the strain on my pipes and show me how to drain my ...water heater. He was awesome. He made sure I understood the problem and that I knew how to drain the water heater. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with this company! They are amazing. Everyone involved from making the service call to finishing the job is polite, considerate and ensures that you have a complete understanding of the process!Read More...

JP McMahon
JP McMahon 5.0

Quick, responsive, good work, and fair price for an fair price for the job. Liam came out and flushed our water heater and repaired a leak in our pipes and did some very nice work. Always very nice people to work with at Home Service Doctors.

Seth Munson
Seth Munson 5.0

Excellent, timely service..

Bill Aspinwall
Bill Aspinwall 5.0

Daniel was very professional and provided great service within the time and budget we discussed. I would highly recommend Home Service Doctors and will surely use them again.

Jennifer Mills
Jennifer Mills 5.0

Daniel was very friendly and professional. He explained everything to me and did a thorough job. I would highly recommend Home Service Doctors after my experience!

T C 5.0

Christopher Masters
Christopher Masters 5.0

Daniel installed a new water heater and PRV, and was thoroughly professional, knowledgeable, nice, and explained what he was doing, and why, in an easily understood manner. I absolutely recommend him, and Home Service Doctors!!

silpagopi Moparthi
silpagopi Moparthi 5.0

Bryan Peck came on time and he fixed our Sump pump issue in no time. I would rate more than 5 stars if I can.

Aaron Bui
Aaron Bui 5.0

Richard DeJesus
Richard DeJesus 5.0

Susan Villella
Susan Villella 5.0

Brian was simply outstanding. He advised me as to why I may have lost water in my home. He spent considerable time talking and explaining things to me. He was respectful and polite. I will most definitely use this company for any future plumbing, ...etc., need. Thank you again, Brian!!Read More...

Christine Kronenburg
Christine Kronenburg 5.0

Lizabeth Staursky
Lizabeth Staursky 3.0

UPDATE/EDIT: About 10 minutes after this review first posted, the owner of HSD called me. He had not been aware of the original problem nor of my requests for a partial refund. He apologized and took responsibility for the customer service process not ...working as it should. He was very willing to discuss the partial refund and we agreed on an amount that seemed fair to both of us. That refund posted to my CC yesterday, so I am updating to let people know once you finally reach the top, your problems will be satisfactorily resolved. On July 2, Ferdinand (who I understand is no longer with HSD) was out to fix a minor issue (inconsistent water temperature) with the main shower. He was here for several hours, and apparently broke something within the shower handle/face plate and cobbled it back together with zipties. He never informed us that during the process of “fixing” our issue, that he broke something and created additional problems. Rather he charged us over $400 for this “service” and left us ignorant that our shower was now more broken than when he arrived. On August 5, I went to take a shower and the handle and face plate just fell off. The next day (Thursday, August 6) Mike McKenna came out to look at this problem and he was the one who showed me how poorly the previous work had been done. He said he would need to order a part and would get back to me with a date of when he would be back to finish fixing my shower. I did not hear back that day. On August 7, I phoned at around 9am asking about the status of the part order and the phone rep said she would have Mr. McKenna call me back when he was between jobs. I also asked to speak with a manager, was put on hold, and then hung up on. By 3:30pm when I had not heard from anyone, I called again and the phone rep put me through to Bruce. I explained all this again to Bruce, who said he would check on the part status. Of course I did not hear back from him by close of business that Friday. In addition, during my conversation with Bruce, I inquired about getting at least a partial refund on the payment I had made on July 2nd since Ferdinand did not actually fix my shower, but rather broke it, hid the problem, all while charging me for shoddy work and creating an additional, more serious problem and also created a very inconvenient situation for my household. Bruce said he would talk to the general manager about it. No call back on this issue either. The general manager Mike called me back finally, and I re--explained the issue. He did not have much to say other than the part was ordered and would not give me a straight answer on my request for a partial refund. Two weeks ago, Mr. McKenna came back to replace the shower handle with a similar Kohler model. (To be clear– the handle was the only thing replaced: not the faucet, not the shower head, not anything within the wall.) It pretty much looked the same as ones on Home Depot's website, not idea why it too over a week to get this part and fix my shower. I mentioned to him that I had spoken to two managers, Bruce and Mike, about the partial refund request, but not had any reply. He said he would talk to yet another manager, Roger I believe, about it. Of course, no call from Roger either. On Aug 17 I emailed HSD, requesting at least a partial refund of the $435.39 charged when Ferdinand did not actually fix my shower, but rather broke it and covered up the problem. He charged me full price for shoddy work and created an additional, more serious problem. His poor work and dishonesty created a very inconvenient situation for my household as we were without our main shower for a week. In my last email to HSD I asked for someone to contact me no later than COB on Aug 21 about my request for a partial refund. No one has. I tried to handle this situation directly, but am not getting any response. That is why I am writing a detailed, public review.Read More...

Anubis Garcia
Anubis Garcia 5.0

We had Daniel come out to the house and I can’t say enough nice things about him. He explained everything to my husband and I in such a way that it was easy to understand. He was extremely nice. I would definitely recommend Home Service Doctors!!!!

Ross Deak
Ross Deak 5.0

Brian Peck came by and was of phenomenal service and hospitality. One of the best service experiences I have had to date. 10/10 would recommend.

WA2DC 5.0

Eddie and Dustyn were great. They were always so professional, friendly, and made sure everything was completed to my satisfaction. I will definitely look to use Home Service Doctors again for any of our plumbing and HVAC needs.

sayo Youra
sayo Youra 1.0

They told me over the phone a vent cleaning is $79. When they came out they made up a diagnosis and charged me close to $400. They didn’t even inform me about the extra charges until I saw my bank statement. Since then, my new dryer is not drying ...properly. I’ve called then so many times to fix the issue. They keep saying a technician (the same guy) who broke they system will come out tomorrow. He never came until today. SCAM! Stay away.Read More...

Bonnie Iredell
Bonnie Iredell 5.0

The technician was very knowledgeable about gas pipes and dining and repairing leaks.

Mike Gettier
Mike Gettier 5.0

Sid was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He found the leak immediately under the sink. Then gave me all my options, all reasonable prices. He almost had sink fixed that same day, but the parts couldn’t come in till the next day. So he fixed it the ...next day. Everything went smoothly, he was awesome and very nice. I was satisfied with the price and was surprised how quickly I got a technician to the house and everything repaired.Read More...

Sonia Khalil
Sonia Khalil 1.0

They gave me an exuberant estimate for the excavation while the are of excavation was very little and around 4-5 feet under the ground. When they excavated the ground and pulled out the damaged water pipe, they said there is another problem and they ...forced me to pay more. While their manager on the phone with me told me they can reimburse me the money of the excavation, that was a trick because the water pipe was already out of the system, and there was no water running inside the house. I ended up paying a huge amount for around 4 hours work. My plumber who was originally supposed to do the job gave me a much better price for the same job, yet he was busy until end of the month and I thought those people were fine. Please get 2 other estimates before you even think to do any work with them. I do not recommend them.Read More...

Everchot 5.0

Jeremy Potts
Jeremy Potts 5.0

Really good experience with Keith, our HVAC technician. He was prompt, very pleasant to talk to, and did the best job I have ever seen walking me through the units. On this last point, he took 20+ photos of the various components of each unit and talked ...through them in our wrap-up. So helpful for someone who is not technical in this space!Read More...

Berinna Chambers
Berinna Chambers 5.0

Richard Phelps
Richard Phelps 5.0

Joe L
Joe L 5.0

I have used Home Service Doctors to replace my original heater/AC units and some minor plumbing work. Knowing that water heaters have a normal life expectancy of 10-12 years, and our townhouse was over 15 years old, I wanted a new one put in. I was ...extremely pleased with Mike, who did the minor plumbing work earlier, plus he was the one that let me know what could be done to change the way the original water heater was installed. Very happy how everything turned out and would highly recommend this company to anyone that needed heater/AC, or plumbing work done.Read More...

MaryElizabeth Hein-Porter
MaryElizabeth Hein-Porter 5.0

Sandy Mobley
Sandy Mobley 5.0

Our experience with Robby was exceptional. He was thorough and very knowledgeable. We had a significant problem with our A/C that we weren't aware of. He caught it and we won't have a nasty surprise when summer comes. He listened to our concerns and ...addressed them all. He has excellent customer service skills as well as deep technical knowledge. I would call him again and recommend him to my friends. As part of the Home Service Doctors team, he is a great asset to a really good company.Read More...

Hillary Harklerode
Hillary Harklerode 5.0

Mike & JoAnne Fittante
Mike & JoAnne Fittante 5.0

Brian did a very good job of diagnosing the root cause of the leaks & fixing the problem. I recommend this company.

Rich H
Rich H 5.0

Laura Ingalls Wilding
Laura Ingalls Wilding 5.0

Got the job done!

brian hooper
brian hooper 5.0

Very professional team, took time to explain the system and answer all questions

Kate Lauer
Kate Lauer 5.0

Michael Alvarez was very knowledgeable and walked me through all the steps and explained what options I had to keep my HVAC system healthy and in great working order. He was also very personable and was not trying to sell me things that I didn’t need ...or was unable to afford at the time. He was willing to work with me to figure out when would be a good time for the company to reach out to me again regarding the options he suggested. Overall amazing technician and great guy!Read More...

Pat Filoia
Pat Filoia 5.0

Christine Kalchthaler
Christine Kalchthaler 5.0

Stephen was the technician who came to provide our quote - he was on time, very professional, and extremely knowledgable. He explained a complicated issue in language that was easy to understand, and he provided very helpful information about our issue. ...A+ for customer service!!Read More...

Norman Lowther
Norman Lowther 5.0

On time, neat and completed repair without any issues.

Tuong Doan
Tuong Doan 5.0

Ann Wierbinski
Ann Wierbinski 5.0

We had Josh the plumber come out today to repair a leak in our guest bathroom, he was prompt, informative and most importantly successful in stopping our leak.

Morgan Osborne
Morgan Osborne 5.0

Great experience overall. Very accommodating and professional. Happy with the product and the service. Will be a return customer and intend to recommend their services as well.

iron farm
iron farm 5.0

Greg was great. Thank you so much for your help!

Jeanette Lombardi
Jeanette Lombardi 5.0

Home Service Doctors was highly recommended by Home Advisors and I am happy to have taken the recommendation. Mike was extremely knowledgeable about the gas leak issue in my fireplace and he even educated me about the dangers of carbon monoxide and the ...necessity of installing detectors low to the floor and close to the fireplace. Typically, carbon monoxide detectors are installed in new homes on the ceiling. However, since carbon monoxide gas is dense and collects from the lowest point, by the time the alarm sounds on the ceiling, you will not have survived. Also, I learned today that carbon monoxide is absorbed by the skin and is odorless. I am grateful to Mike for the life saving information he gave me.Read More...

Scott Krause
Scott Krause 5.0

Thank you Keith!!! You came over when you said you would and fixed our AC, walking through every issue very professionally.

Byron Phillips
Byron Phillips 5.0

I cannot find the words to explain my appreciation of total package this company and Eric have provided my family with the service within 24 hours from start to finish. Please keep up the great work and customer service!

Anil Chagari
Anil Chagari 5.0

Keith was very thorough with his work and ontime. Very respectable. I am so happy with my service today and so glad that I called Home Service Doctors to work on my units.

tony Augustine
tony Augustine 5.0

Had them replace our Sump Pump yesterday. Sidney was very professional and knowledgeable. They matched the price I requested. Did a very good job. Didn't nickel and dime me for the little things like additional pipe or cleaning up the sump pit. Overall ...very satisfied and will call them again. Will recommend to my friends and family.Read More...

Rhea Byrd
Rhea Byrd 5.0

Very professional technician, good work, fair price. Will definitely use in the future!

Michael Sollosi
Michael Sollosi 5.0

The two workmen were friendly and efficient. Excellent job with my plumbing issue.

Eddie Freitas
Eddie Freitas 5.0

Joe was incredibly professional from start to finish. He was thorough in explaining everything he planned on doing which is refreshing and helpful in understanding the plan of attack. He was clean and careful throughout the process and uber detailed. ...If the rest of this company does what Joe does - you're in good hands and I would not hesitate to contact them. Oh yeah...he even asked if it was OK to enter the home on his own with his tools etc. Amazing. Who does that any more? Call them - you won't be disappointed.Read More...

Pam Ward
Pam Ward 5.0

I enjoyed talking with the Home Service Dr. Rep. for the home repair regarding my water pressure today. It was a quick fix, knowlegable staff, and he explained everything in layman's terms. Daniel gave me some other useful info on plumbing issues that ...would be helpful moving forward in the safety of our home. Thank you Home Service Doctors, I will definately consult with you in the future if needed, Sincerely, Pam WardRead More...

Arturo Ferreira
Arturo Ferreira 5.0

Our HVAC system failed at 4am. I called HSD at 8:30, they had me on the schedule immediately and called me a few times to update me on tech’s progress. Thomas, our technician, was professional, knowledgeable, and diligent. He was able to get my system ...running and give me a clear picture of what to expect in the near future. I HIGHLY recommend HSD.Read More...

Matt Livingston
Matt Livingston 5.0

I had an issue with my drain pipe in my house and Joe Kendrick came from Home Service Doctors to fix the issue. Joe was very professional and helpful. He was able to diagnose the problem right away. I am extremely happy with the work and will always call ...Home Service Doctors for any plumbing issues from now on! Thank you so much!Read More...

Doug Quimby
Doug Quimby 4.0

Very reliable company. Keith did a great job with our inspection today! Very professional and provided detailed status of system and potential enhancements.

Caitlin Brady
Caitlin Brady 5.0

We have a service plan with Home Service Doctors. All of the Home Service Doctors professionals we've met are very knowledgeable, kind, and efficient. We've especially enjoyed Eric and Brent. Eric came by today and was great at fixing our AC on this ...extremely hot day. Would highly recommend.Read More...

Jeff King
Jeff King 5.0

Eric came out to the house for an HVAC check and was very professional and explained everything to me in detail without trying to up sell me on unnecessary things. Overall, very happy with the company and will be using them in the future.

sandra kester
sandra kester 5.0

Miguel was very informative, easy to speak to and answered my questions and was willing to speak to my boyfriend in the cell to explain more technical things go him. It was a bigger job than thought, so will require another days work. Miguel will be off ...tomorrow but will count on the fact that his replacement will be equally skilled in this problem. Thank you for speedy response. Day #2, Brian was here and was equally skilled at his job. easy-going personality, explained things so this unmechanically-minded person like me could understand. I am now a member and hopefully will have a good on-going relationship with this company. Excellent. Excellent. Another service call with Erik: very professional, concise and kind. was respectful of my floors with booties (though I have dogs and they're a mess), was kind to my pets, sat and explained things in a relaxed manner, felt like family quickly. Had to have erik back out two days later as the experiment we did was not successful. Will have to replace coils not just band-aid them up. But again respectful, kind, clearly explained options and loved the follow-up email with explanation.Read More...

Ken Sonnie
Ken Sonnie 5.0

Michael was a GREAT Technician with wonderful customer service and friendly. It's his second time to my house and he is always the same. He is a great person.

Kate K
Kate K 5.0

Home Service Doctors has consistently been serving my home for all my HVAC and plumbing needs for years. The thing I love the best about them are the people they hire. From those who do the scheduling, to the technicians who come into the home, to the ...supervisors who help figure out solutions to get needs met, They are all personable and Customer focused.Read More...

Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee 5.0

Michael Henderson (Mikey) is the technician that came and help us with our A/C problem. He is knowledgeable on all the possible issues and provide good recommendation on possible solution and actions we can take. He is also courteous and friendly. Great ...experience overall.Read More...

Troy Callahan
Troy Callahan 5.0

Michael was extremely polite and professional in his quick diagnosis of what was causing our brand new AC unit to severely under-perform. He even stayed nearly an hour past when his shift ended to make doubly sure his findings were accurate. Thank you, ...Michael!Read More...

James Basham
James Basham 5.0

Eric Eastman
Eric Eastman 5.0

My service technician, Eric was very helpful, courteous, and friendly. With respect to the service, he was very knowledgeable on my HVAC system and provided honest recommendations on work that should be done as soon as possible and work that could wait. ...I never got the sense that he was more of a salesperson vice a technician who just wanted to list the entire catalog of repairs that could be conducted on my system as I have from other companies before. Eric deserves recognition across the company for his professionalism. I would definitely call Home Service Doctors again for future issues.Read More...

Corrington Wheeler
Corrington Wheeler 5.0

Liam was very professional, fast, and we had no issues.

Jane Dance
Jane Dance 5.0

We had a good experience with Josh. He did a wonderful job, and went out of his way to get the right valve for our condo's needs. I would use this company again.

Kristina Jung
Kristina Jung 5.0

Steve was great! He came with a smile wanting to genuinely help me. He listened to my issues without interrupting me. Can’t say the same about few people in that office who have said some nasty inappropriate remarks... unlike these people, Steve has ...great customer service attitude!Read More...

Lori Andino
Lori Andino 5.0

Nadeem Shehzad
Nadeem Shehzad 1.0

Not happy with service. Didn’t diagnose leak source for under sink properly and charged money. Had to call again, and same technician provided different solution and source for leak that would cost more. Don't use them

Herbert Pringle
Herbert Pringle 5.0

Mr. Brian Peck provided my service and showed himself to be a professional of the highest order. Informative and thorough, he provide excellent recommendations and solutions and resolved a long-standing issue effectively and expeditiously! I am 100 ...percent impressed with Mr. Peck!Read More...

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