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Keep These 5 Things AWAY From Your Drains!

Even with a garbage disposal, it is important to not put THESE things down your drain. Certain substances expand in your pipes and become the perfect culprit for clogs. Make sure you and your family keep these FIVE things away from your drains this year!


Coffee Grounds 

Unlike most foods, coffee grounds clump together in water rather than break down. With the help of butter, oil, and grease these grounds can coat your pipes and create the perfect clog! Coffee grounds should always be tossed in the garbage or composted. 



All starchy foods, especially pasta, should never go down the drain. Pasta can get caught on your garbage disposal’s blades and will continue to absorb water and swell, creating a clog in your pipes.



The myth that eggshells sharpen your disposal’s blades is false! Eggshells create very granular waste that sticks to any sludge in your pipes and will easily create a clog in your garbage disposal. 



It’s easy to dispose of your cooking oil and grease down your kitchen drain while cleaning up. However, that grease quickly solidifies, creating a film over your disposal’s blades, creating a clog. 


Produce Stickers 

Make sure to peel off the tiny stickers on your fruits and vegetables prior to washing them! Those stickers don’t dissolve and have JUST the right amount of adhesive on them to stick to your pipes. 

Following an extra step in the kitchen will allow your home’s drains to go the extra mile this season! If you do experience drain issues, our Home Service Doctors team will be there to provide an EXPERT DIAGNOSIS. Give our team a call today at (703) 839-7011, for only $99 you will receive a Deluxe Main-Line Drain Clearing with a camera inspection AND same-day service!

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