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Why You Have More Plumbing Problems In The Summer

Why You Have More Plumbing Problems In The Summer 

Have you ever wondered why you experience more drain clogs in the summer? The summer season brings high temperatures and humidity levels resulting in an excess or sometimes a lack of rain. Soil saturation levels can lead to problems with your home’s plumbing. Depending on rainfall levels, the soil outside your house can cause tree roots to seek moisture from your pipes or increase the pressure around your home’s pipes. See the DIFFERENCE summer brings to your home’s drains below!

Heavy Rainfall 

When summertime rolls around, it brings heavy rainfall that oversaturates soil levels. The most common problem from rain is blocked or clogged drains from dirt and debris accumulating inside the plumbing lines. If your home has older pipes, the pressure from moist soil can cause them to burst or break. When rainfall does come the water will rush into the cracks and burst your home’s pipes. Heavy rainfall can seep in through cracks and or openings through windows and doors, resulting in a flooded basement. If you experience a power outage during a heavy rainstorm, your sump pump will not function and also result in flooding.

Droughts Decrease Sewer Water Levels 

If your area is experiencing a dry spell, it could lead to sewer water levels dropping. The more water being forced through a pipe, the more pressure there is. So, when there is a lack of water, the pressure decreases and makes it extremely difficult for water to pass through. When rain does come, it can result in a clog. Droughts can also lead to nearby trees searching for water and finding your home’s pipes.

Roots Break Through Pipes 

Tree roots looking for water can extend too close for comfort to your home’s pipes underground. Tree roots can strangle the pipes or penetrate them, causing serious damage. It is crucial to have a professional, like one of our technicians, diagnose any leaks or cracks your home’s pipes may be experiencing

As you can see above, the summer months bring their own challenges when it comes to drain clogs. If you do experience any plumbing problems, our Home Service Doctors team is here to provide you with an EXPERT DIAGNOSIS. Give our team a call today at (703) 839-7011.

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