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Why Should I Get My Drains Cleaned?

There are a number of things in life you don’t want to worry about,
and plumbing is one of them. So, when you find yourself waiting for your
bathroom sink to drain, you get irritated. When that store-bought drain
cleaner doesn’t work, your frustration only gets worse. Fortunately,
draining problems are often preventable when you invest in professional
drain cleaning. So, why is it so important to call a professional to clean
your drains?

Prevent Plumbing Problems

Remember our sink scenario? That backlog of water could be prevented with
regular drain cleaning. A professional will not only remove hair and other
blockages but will also clear away the debris and scum built up along
the inside of the pipes, which holds those clogs in place. This preventative
measure removes those partial blockages before they become a problem and
it keeps everything flowing as it should.

Not only does the removal of muck prevent blockages, but professional cleanings
can help keep your pipes from corroding over time. Corrosion and deterioration
of your pipes can lead to extensive damage. Having your pipes regularly
cleaned keeps these problems from occurring and can extend the life of
your plumbing system. Without this preventative measure, you may end up
spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

Eliminate That Smell

Do you smell that? Food, grease, and other items going down your drains
can cling to the sides of your pipes, causing buildup and clogs that often
contain mold and other bacteria. After a time, this can leave your drains
with an unpleasant odor. A drain cleaning removes these smelly particles
altogether and can reduce or eliminate that nasty smell. We utilize the
latest technology, including using
video cameras to perform thorough drain &
sewer inspections to get to the root of the issue. In some instances, we may recommend a
water jetting service to clear out stubborn clogs for good.

Fairfax $99 Drain Cleaning Special

Many plumbers recommend a drain cleaning on an as-needed basis. Whether
you are dealing with a plumbing issue or you simply can’t remember
the last time you had your pipes cleaned, you should call a professional.

At Home Service Doctors, we believe taking preventative measures to prevent
a plumbing issue from occurring in your home shouldn’t be expensive.
That’s why we are currently offering
a $99 Drain Cleaning Special
. Our professional Fairfax drain cleaning specialists can help clear your
clogs and eliminate odor-causing bacteria throughout the pipes of your
home for just $99. Let our professional and affordable service give you
the peace of mind you deserve.

Contact our Fairfax plumbers
at Home Service Doctors today at (703) 884-8705 to take advantage of
this offer.

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