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When faced with a clogged drain, many homeowners turn to caustic chemicals that irreparably damage their pipes. At Home Service Doctors, we offer a water jetting service that uses high-pressure streams of water to remove the source of your clog. A skilled plumber will take into account the size and material of your pipes to adjust the pressure and clean accordingly. You are choosing the premier Fairfax plumbers when you call our service team to clean your pipes.

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You might benefit from water jetting if:

  • Your sinks drain too slowly
  • You are constantly plunging your toilets
  • There is standing water in showers and sinks
  • There is a strong, unpleasant smell from the drain

Protect your home (and your pipes) with our trusted water jetting service. Call our team of veteran-owned and operated plumbing specialists to schedule your drain cleaning appointment today!

Our Plumbers Bust Through Difficult Clogs

Water jetting uses regular tap water, pressurizes it to 60,000 psi, and allows the water to work its magic in your drains. The pressure dislodges the source of the clog and sweeps it away while cleaning the entirety of the pipe for other debris buildups. This reaches further than hardware store do-it-yourself chemicals and prevents clogs more effectively than using a drain snake.

Water jetting is the preferred option for homeowners because it:

  • Efficiently and thoroughly cleans drains
  • Prevents instances of reoccurring clogs
  • Is safe and environmentally friendly
  • Comes with a warranty on the work

Give Your Sewer & Drains a Thorough Cleaning

It is normal for pipes to accumulate grease, minerals, hair, and other buildups through regular use. Chemical drain cleaners and drain snakes are go-to for many plumbers and homeowners, but these do not remove the sediments from the walls elsewhere in the drain. At Home Service Doctors, we are determined to fix the cause of the problem, not only provide a solution. That’s why we are trusted across Northern Virginia to be tough on clogs while gentle on your pipes.

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