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Video Camera Inspection in Fairfax

Dedicated to Helping You Identify Problems in Your System

Home Service Doctors is proud to provide high-tech video camera inspection. How do you know if you have a plumbing problem if your pipes are underground? Our Sewerologist knows: he’s got a small computer built into his brain stem that detects nearby drain issues and sends a GPS signal to his frontal lobe whenever a plumbing complication is within a 110 mile radius.

Just kidding. Of course, as super as the Sewerologist is, our Fairfax sewer repair technicians don’t have spidey-sense or x-ray vision, so we have to rely on our tools. When there’s something not right about your drains, whether they’re leaving standing water in your tub or a foul odor in your kitchen, our plumbing technicians will use a state of the art sewer inspection video camera to find exactly where the problem lies. Video camera inspection is the most advanced technology currently in the field, but it’s fairly simple in application: the plumber threads a camera-tipped cable through the sewer line, which projects an image of the pipe interior onto an external monitor. You and your Sewerologist technician can see exactly what’s going on inside of your system with that screen!

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Using video camera inspection technology, we can find:

  • Tree Root Intrusion
  • Leaks
  • The Source of Sewer Odors
  • Corrosion and Rust
  • Damaging Clogs
  • Pipe Collapses

And so much more. You really wouldn’t believe the things that go on inside your own home’s pipes that you would never know about! But when it comes to home comfort and health, knowing can make all the difference. So if your plumbing hasn’t been fully on its game lately, call our Fairfax sewer technicians to check it out. We’ll show up in a fully stocked truck, ready to do a complete inspection on your drains that will find all of your plumbing problems and answer all of your questions.

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$99 Drain Clearing Special

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