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New Year’s Resolutions to Make for HVAC Service

HVAC service is one of the most important things to consider now that we’re entering the new year. Think about it: how would you prefer to start the year⏤with unlimited home comfort or with problems with your HVAC systems? We’re guessing it’s not the latter. While you’re celebrating the New Year with family and friends, you shouldn’t lose track of your HVAC needs. After all, it may be a new year, but we’re still in the midst of winter weather. If your furnace isn’t working up to standard, you may experience more headaches than heat. Allowing problems to continue simply isn’t an option, or else you may find yourself losing a significant amount of money due to the high costs of bills. you may have to call a heating technician for repairs throughout the year, and that’s not even counting the amount you will be spending on utility bills. Worse, you may even risk spending thousands of dollars on furnace replacement. When you consider the average cost of a gas furnace today aims closer to $4,000, it’s not an expense you should risk so easily. Before you have to face any of these troubles, it’s time to make some New Year’s resolutions so you experience home comfort for 2017 and beyond. Establishing long-term goals with your HVAC needs will ensure these next 12 months go by without stress!

Why Should You Call Home Service Doctors?

If you want to start the New Year off the right way, please call Home Service Doctors today. We’ll make sure any resolution you make for your HVAC needs to come true. We can help with any HVAC needs whether it be installation, repair, or even just a quick maintenance check. Our work can reduce your monthly spending on energy bills, extend the lifespan of all your systems, and improve the safety of your family by reducing or eliminating fire hazards. Having an effective HVAC system is one thing, but it’s entirely another to have one that works efficiently and keeps the entire family safe. Beyond that, you will have a heating system guaranteeing consistent heat, so there will be no chance of hot or cold spots that will make your home downright uncomfortable. No matter if it’s this time of year when the weather is bitterly cold, or in the midst of summer’s dog days, you can count on the team at Home Service Doctors to be there you.

What Resolutions Should You Make This Year?

While no two lists of resolutions will look the same due to each home’s differing HVAC needs, here are a few resolutions to make this year so 2017 is one your most comfortable years to date:

  1. I will call for an annual tune-up: It’s important to call Home Service Doctors once a year for a tune-up in your HVAC systems so they perform at a high level throughout the year. If you’re not sure what a tune-up will entail, feel free to ask your contractors. Some common elements of an HVAC tune-up might include: changing furnace filters, checking the system for leaks, analyzing combustion gasses, inspecting the heat exchanger, changing furnace filters, etc.
  2. I will change furnace filters monthly: Allergens can quickly accumulate in air filters, which can cause particular problems with the indoor air quality in your home. Changing air filters monthly during the fall and winter will not prevent excessive buildup, but it will also maintain airflow and prevent the furnace from working harder to produce warm air.
  3. I will keep a safe distance from heating systems: Always keep yourself and any flammable objects away from the system, at least by a few feet. All it would take is a small spark from a furnace to create a huge fire or leave you with an injury. This is especially true if you have any small children in your home, as you will want to take any measure in keeping them safe.
  4. I will seal any air leaks: Air leaks are one of the most common sources of heating loss during the colder months. They can also lead to moisture problems in your home, contribute to poor air quality, and cause higher-than-necessary energy bills. Inspect your home before the season begins, namely in areas where leaks are most likely to form like the basement and attic.
  • I will check for signs of carbon monoxide: Carbon monoxide is a deadly yet odorless gas that can leak out of your heating system. While it’s essentially invisible, there are still some ways you can detect it in your home, namely by installing a carbon monoxide detector. This device can be a life-saver and alert of a problem immediately. Just be sure to check the batteries annually, and have a certified technician inspect your heating system annually.

Contact Home Service Doctors today if you want to ensure you stay comfortable in your home for the year ahead with high-quality HVAC service!

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