How to Find the Right Fuel Type for Your New Furnace

A new furnace is just what you need if your current heating system is not working up to your standards. However, while it’s easy to just pick any random furnace to replace it, you should take your heating system installation into serious consideration before you waste thousands of dollars on the wrong system. There are many things that will influence your purchase. The one area many homeowners do not take into consideration is fuel type. The four main fuel types on the market today include gas, electricity, propane, and solar energy. Each has its own set of benefits, but not all of them will fit within your needs. Choosing the wrong fuel type for your furnace can cost you lots of time, lots of money, and plenty of buyer’s remorse. It can also be dangerous. If you install a gas furnace without reliable gas hookups, you are putting your home at risk for all sorts of dangers including home heating fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide exposure. Installing an electric furnace when you really do need a gas furnace instead may prove costly, especially when electricity isn’t nearly as energy-efficient as gasoline. As we now head into the coldest months of the year, you cannot afford to make such a mistake. You need to brush up on your knowledge of furnace fueling before you make the wrong decision.

Why Should You Call Home Service Doctors?

If you want help with your next furnace installation, the team at Home Service Doctors is more than willing to help. We want to see you equipped with comforting heat through the season from a truly reliable furnace that won’t call it quits on you. With help from our heating technicians, you will be able to find the right furnace with the proper fueling. It’s all about providing you with high-quality heating at a low cost, and our team will go above and beyond. You will also not have to worry about considering a furnace replacement any time soon, especially since modern furnaces now boast a lifespan of up 20 years. Choosing the right fuel type is an overlooked but certainly important area to consider. Once you take into consideration what’s right for your home, you can experience what it means to have modern heating, and all it takes is a phone call to Home Service Doctors to make it possible.

4 Main Types of Furnace Fuel

As previously mentioned, you now have the option between 4 types of fueling. But how do you know what one is right for you? Here is an overview of each type to make your decision easier:

  1. Gas: This is the most energy-efficient type of fueling available so if you are looking to save more on energy bills, look no further. Gas furnaces are also known for being able to provide heat much faster than other types. However, you will need proper gas hookups to make installation possible. This type also has a much higher risk of fires and gas leaks.
  2. Propane: A propane furnace generates hotter air than an electric furnace and provides all the benefits of a gas furnace. In general, propane tanks can range in size from 200 gallons to 1,000 gallons, so they are highly adaptable in terms of meeting all sorts of heating needs.
  3. Electric: Electric furnaces are known for their durability and longevity. Though not as efficient as gas furnaces, they operate quietly and are generally easy to install. They are also easy to maintain with you having to call up a heating technician for service.
  4. Solar Energy: Are you done dealing with a furnace that constantly lets harmful gasses out into the environment? Then you should definitely consider solar energy as your fuel type. It will help reduce your carbon footprint. Not to mention, it is environmentally-friendly.

What Should You Ask Before You Install A New Furnace?

Once you have chosen one of these four fueling types, you should ask yourself these 4 questions to determine if it is indeed the right one for your home:

How Can It Save You Money on Repair and Maintenance? The wrong furnace may lead to several breakdowns that will leave you calling for furnace repair and maintenance services. With that in mind, you need to determine what fuel will help in keeping the costs on bills down to a low.

How Long Will Your Furnace Last? Replacing a furnace over and over again can lead to significant monetary loss, so you need to think about a fuel type that can keep spending on replacement down to a low.

How Can This Reduce Safety Risks? You have every right to know how a furnace will keep you protected from risks like home heating fires and carbon monoxide exposure. Just choosing the right fuel type will go a long way in keeping your family from danger.

Will You Receive Consistent Heating? Don’t settle for anything less than consistent heating at this time of year, especially with outdoor temperatures on their way down. You need to determine fueling that can provide heat even during the most extreme weather conditions this upcoming season.

Enjoy The Colder Weather In The Comfort Of Your Warm Home – Schedule A New Furnace Installation Today

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