8 Questions To Ask Before A Furnace Replacement

Making sure that your furnace is running properly is essential during the fall and winter in order so that your home is comfortable throughout these colder months. If your current furnace is experiencing issues or is on the edge of breaking down entirely, you may find yourself without heat just when the temperatures take a dip. If this happens to you, you need a new furnace model and fast.

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Questions to Ask When Replacing a Furnace

If you get the wrong furnace you may even have to spend more money on a replacement in the future. It is important to take your time, consider all of your options, and ask yourself the following questions before you proceed.

1. What Are Your Heating Needs?

When deciding on a new heating system, it’s all about meeting the needs of the people in your home. Your heating needs may have changed since the last time you bought a furnace, so buying the same system may not prove viable. You may have new additions to your household, increasing the space in need of heat. If you live with a growing family, you may have small children or elderly people who will need heat in order to live comfortably.

2. What Is the Age of Your Current Furnace?

If your current furnace is more than 10 years old, you may want to replace it with a new model to avoid the higher risk of system breakdowns. However, if your furnace is still relatively new and experiencing issues, a few simple furnace repairs will prove more cost-efficient in the long run.

3. How is Your Indoor Air Quality?

Catching a cold is pretty common at this of year, but you may notice members of your household coughing and sneezing a lot more for other reasons. This is a sign of poor indoor air quality and your furnace may be to blame. Your furnace may emit dust and other allergens in addition to heat. If this proves to be the case, it’s definitely time to upgrade your system, even if just to significantly improve your indoor air quality.

4. What Brands of Furnaces Are Available?

Today’s furnace models are making great strides in providing the most energy-efficient heat possible. The most popular brands today include Trane, Lennox, Goodman, Rheem, York, and Carrier. It certainly is beneficial to compare brands and conduct research. Checking out customer reviews online and product recalls will allow you to know which furnace models provide safe trustworthy performance.

5. How Much Space is in Your Home?

Installing the wrong size heating system may leave you with a furnace that doesn’t work with the size of your home, which will result in you spending more on furnace repairs due to frequent system breakdowns. Make sure one of our heating technicians measures and inspects your home to determine the area of installation to ensure you are getting the correct-sized furnace.

6. What Areas Need the Most Heat?

In addition to determining the size of your heating system would be right for your home, you also need to determine what areas of the home need the most heat. After all, heating a room not in use is a huge waste of energy. Fortunately, many modern furnaces today will separate your home into zones, giving you the chance to provide heat to areas that truly need it.

7. What Fuel Type Do You Need?

The three main furnace fuel types are gas, electricity, and solar. Solar furnaces skip fuel altogether and instead rely on solar energy, helping you reduce your carbon footprint. A gas furnace will require you to have proper gas hookups, although they are known for their improved energy-efficiency. An electric furnace may not have the same energy-efficient benefits, but they prove longer-lasting and safer compared to gas furnaces.

8. What Do You Want Other Than “Warm Air”?

While you need a newer furnace to primarily offer better heating, a furnace can offer more than just warm air. If you are seeking better energy-efficiency, for example, pay attention to the system’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). The higher the AFUE, the more money you will save on energy bills.

What Could Happen If You Buy the Wrong Type of Furnace?

Before you make the investment in a new furnace, you need to consider what you’re buying. Installing a heating system that is wrong for your home and your needs can lead to even more trouble.

Issues you can experience include the following:

  • Poor system efficiency
  • Shortened furnace lifespan
  • Increased safety risks
  • Even more inconsistent heat for the colder months

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If you want to replace your heating system, look no further than Home Service Doctors for service. We have a team of dedicated heating technicians who can take care of any problem. If your old furnace, we will consult with you in finding the right system to replace it. From there, we can install your new furnace quickly, allowing you to have a furnace with a longer lifespan, providing heat for over 20 years. In addition, you will likely save money on repairs and energy bills, as your new furnace will provide high-quality heat without any additional energy costs. At Home Service Doctors, if you have a heating issue, we remedy the problem so you are living more comfortably than ever before.

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