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Why Is Sewer Replacement Important ?

With the warmer weather arriving, it might be time for some property owners to schedule sewer replacement in Fairfax. After all, when the temperatures are mild and favorable for outdoor work, it’s much easier to do what’s necessary in order to upgrade an old and worn sewer.

Why a Sewer Replacement?

Though most people don’t give their sewers much thought until there’s a problem, it’s important to ensure they’re always in good working order. A backed-up sewer can cause an overflow of wastewater, resulting in water damage, as well as the risk of health problems due to contamination. At the same time, when sewer pipes are burst and leaking, wastewater can leak into the surrounding ground, causing a build-up of contaminants and polluting your immediate environment. Clearly, neither of these scenarios is something you want to experience.

Sewer Repair and Replacement Options

Sewer repair and replacement used to be a very invasive procedure that often required breaking up basements and digging trenches to access the pipes. Fortunately, thanks to considerable technological advances, we’re capable of performing trenchless sewer repair and replacement. This technique involves inserting new pipes into the old ones, effectively creating impermeable piping on the inside of the old pipes. Though it’s not possible to do trenchless sewer repair or replacement in 100 percent of the cases, this new technique has significantly reduced the number of instances in which somebody’s property needs to be dug up to access the sewer. And even if trenchless repair isn’t an option, a good plumber will always go the extra mile to ensure you experience the minimum disruption while the work’s being done.

The Plumberologist: Your Trustworthy Fairfax Plumber

If your property’s sewer has been causing problems, schedule an appointment with the Plumberologist. We can inspect your sewer system using video camera inspection and advise you on how best to get the pipes back in good shape. Then we can schedule the work for a time that’s convenient to you… and before you know it, your property will be upgraded with a brand new sewer system!

Home Service Doctors are the experts when it comes to sewer repair, replacement, and maintenance!

So invest in your real estate, and call the Plumberologist today!

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