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4 Common Types of Water Heater Repair in Fairfax

As a cost-conscious and responsible homeowner, it’s essential to know when you need water heater repair. After all, in many cases, homeowners aren’t really alert to the fact that their water heater is showing signs of failing. And then by the time they realize it needs attention, they’re either looking at very costly repairs or even a water heater replacement.

That’s why the team of Master Plumberologists here at Home Service Doctors wants to inform you about signs you need to schedule water heater repair, as well as what kinds of repairs are most common.

Common Types of Water Heater Repair

These are the issues we most often encounter when it comes to water heater repair:

  1. Leaking storage tank: Over time, the storage tank can start to get rusty. And when that happens, leaks are inevitable. You can tell your water heater is leaking if there’s water pooling below the storage tank. Note that it’s best to address this right away: not only does it cause water damage to your home, it also drives up your water bills considerably. If this is causing a continuous problem in your home, you may want to consider some tankless water heating options.
  2. Broken heating element: The heating element is an intricate piece of equipment that springs into action every time the water drops below a preset temperature. Because it’s subject to heavy use, it can also malfunction. You’ll usually notice the water fails to heat enough—or at all.
  3. Clogged pipes: The pipes connecting the water heater to the water supply can get clogged due to rust or sediment that’s built up inside the tank. You’ll notice a reduced flow of water, plus, the water will be a murky or brown color.
  4. Broken thermostat: If the thermostat isn’t working, it can’t communicate to the heating element what the water temperature is. You’ll notice the thermostat is broken due to a lack of warm or hot water.

Call Home Service Doctors for Quality, Affordable Water Heater Repair

If you notice one or more of these signs, then call us right away. We’ll come to your home and fix the problem as soon as possible, so you can enjoy the convenience of clean, hot water again!

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