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3 Reasons You Should Call about Water Treatment

Water Treatment is essential for your family’s health. If you’re drinking unfiltered tap water, stop. If you’re drinking bottled water, but use the water in your home to shower in, clean your dishes, and wash your laundry, stop. If you’re using untreated water in your home in any capacity, we recommend you stop. We also recommend you keep reading because having a plumberologist install a water treatment may be the easiest and best decision you’ll ever make.

Why You Should Call Home Service Doctors for a Water Treatment

1. Good Quality Water is Safe Water: The untreated water that flows into your home is far from good for you. The water in Manassas flows through the ground and becomes hardened before it ever reaches your faucets. It also picks up sediments and minerals along that way that can take a toll on your body. Minerals in untreated water include calcium, magnesium, fluoride, lead, and many others! Installing a water treatment system in your home can purify this water before it ever comes out of the tap, making it safer to drink.

2. Forget about Bottled Water: If you’re opting to purchase bottled water rather than installing a whole-home water treatment system, you’re wasting a ton of money and could still be drinking all of the minerals and bacteria you thought you were avoiding. Bottled water isn’t regulated the way people assume it is, and chances are it wasn’t bottled fresh from a faraway mountain spring. A lot of bottled waters on the market today still contain fluoride and other miscellaneous minerals you want to avoid. By purchasing bottled water you’re also spending hundreds of dollars every year, especially if you have a large family when water treatment installation is a one-time cost. Not to mention, when you throw away plastic water bottles, they can stay in landfills for years, and often end up in our forests and oceans.

3.  Protect Your Appliances and Wallets: Even if you’re perfectly fine drinking bottled water, untreated tap water isn’t just bad for drinking, it’s bad for use in general. The water in Manassas is hard and has so much sediment, that it really does damage to plumbing appliances over time. A large majority of the time, when a water heater goes bad, it’s caused by sediment build-up at the bottom of the heater. Sink faucets and showerheads constantly become clogged and useless because of calcium buildup and limescale, because of untreated water. The chemical make up of hard water doesn’t react well with soap, so you’ll end up using twice as much soap, dishwashing liquid, and laundry detergent to keep things clean than you would if your home had treated water. Call your local plumber for more information!

Call Home Service Doctors Today to Install Water Treatment!

Installing water treatment can help save money by protecting the longevity of your appliances and prevent you from overusing detergents and soap. It’s the best thing you can do for your family, so do not wait.

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