WHOOSH: Get your slow drain Whooshed away

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Do I Need Plumbing Service? – What to do When The Toilet Won’t Flush

If you’re a Fairfax homeowner interested in protecting your investment, it’s advisable to know a plumber in Fairfax who can help you solve any minor or major plumbing service issues. And that’s where the Plumberologist team can be an invaluable partner. We’re dedicated to assisting our residential customers in every way possible, from giving advice

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Rooter Service: What to Do When Clogs Come Back

There is almost nothing more frustrating than a clog in your plumbing, which is what makes rooter service in Fairfax so important. They are almost always inconveniently timed and can be difficult to remove or workaround. Clogged toilets, sinks, and floor drains can be annoying but if they’re bad enough they can be much more

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When Do You Need a Sewerologist?

Most homeowners don’t spend too much time worrying about their sewer until there is a problem. Unfortunately, a sewage problem can wreak havoc on a family’s life, interrupting necessary activities such as drinking water, using water to cook food, doing the laundry, and bathing. Learn when professional help from your local sewerologist is needed with

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Eco-Friendly Alternative For Sewer Line Repair

A homeowner will have to deal with some form of sewer line repair during the time they live in their house. Today, many homeowners want to unclog their drains without using chemical drain cleaners. They prefer using something to remove the clog in an environmentally safe way. It’s now possible for a clog to be removed using

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