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When Do You Need a Sewerologist?

Most homeowners don’t spend too much time worrying about their sewer until there is a problem. Unfortunately, a sewage problem can wreak havoc on a family’s life, interrupting necessary activities such as drinking water, using water to cook food, doing the laundry, and bathing. Learn when professional help from your local sewerologist is needed with these classic sewer problem signs.

A Damp Yard That Emits a Strong Odor

When a sewer line bursts, the wastewater can no longer travel through the pipes. Instead, it will rise up through the soil of the lawn. Pools of water in the front yard that aren’t from typical watering activities that smell of sewage is a sign that a sewer line has burst. A Sewerologist can excavate the yard, repair or replace the line and get the wastewater flowing properly once more.

Clogged Drains All Throughout the House

One clogged drain is a sign that there is a blockage in that particular pipe. If the entire house’s drains become clogged, however, it’s a sign that a sewer line has been damaged. These clogs include the kitchen and bathroom sinks, the shower and toilets. A professional sewage expert can inspect the clogged drains in both commercial businesses and residential homes, replacing and repairing the broken line as necessary.

Random Water Spots or Flooding in the Basement

Water spots on the floor of a basement need to be taken care of immediately. These spots are a sign that a broken sewer line is causing backup damage to the foundation of a home. Getting this problem inspected immediately can save a homeowner thousands of dollars on home and foundation repair.

When Buying an Older Home, Call a Sewerologist

Older homes were often constructed with galvanized steel, a product that corrodes over time and causes sewage problems. Hiring a sewerologist before buying an older home will ensure that older pipes, tree roots, and burst lines are not an issue. Using a specialized sewer camera, a thorough inspection will be done on the home’s sewage system. This can help prospective homeowners spot and fix problems before they begin.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly maintaining a home’s sewage system with enzymatic cleaners and periodic inspections can stop sewage problems before they begin. Regular maintenance should be performed on both new and older homes in order to keep the sewage pipes flowing smoothly.

Sewage problems can be more than just a nuisance; they can affect the health of the entire family. Calling a Sewerologist when problems first begin can stop them before the integrity of the home and the safety of a family are put at risk.

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