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Sewer Service: 3 Effective Solutions for Sewer Clog Removal

We don’t often think twice about our sewer lines, because as a general
rule, they work seamlessly and underground. Sewer lines are typically
around 6 inches wide so clogging them isn’t as easy as clogging
a toilet line or a bathtub drain. A sewer line isn’t really something
you want to think about every day anyway. They do get clogged, however,
and when they do it’s nice to know how to handle the situation and
where you can find sewer service quickly in order to avoid needing
emergency service. Here are three ways you can effectively perform a sewer clog removal
in Manassas.

Chemical Root Killers

Probably the number one problem for Manassas sewer lines is tree roots.
Tree roots bring water to the tree, at whatever cost. They can grow over,
around, and through just about anything to get to the water they need.
Unfortunately, your sewer lines are underground water holes for any trees
in your yard (or your neighbors for that matter). Tree roots are the most
common culprit of sewer line breakages and clogs. The best solution for
these roots is finding a safe chemical root killer. These root killers
are not caustic like other drain clearers (Draino, etc.) so they won’t
damage the sewer pipes. This chemical is a foam that sticks itself to the
side of the pipes and kills any incoming roots and roots that have already
taken up space in your sewer line.

Mechanical Tools

Another solution for a clogged sewer line is an auger. Using an auger is
usually something you’ll want a professional will do for you, like
your local Manassas Plumberologist. You can, however, rent or buy an auger
from a home improvement store. This machine will go into the pipe and
cut away at roots or anything else causing a clog. If you do decide to
try this on your own, pay special attention to the instructions and take
extra care not to damage your yard or sewer line. Clearing a sewer line
and replacing a sewer line are two very different things.

Calling your Manassas Plumberologist

Your best bet if you’re dealing with a sewer clog is to call the
Plumberologist and let us take a look. We can check out the sewer line,
tell you exactly what’s going on underground with cameras, and clear
the line for you. Poor water quality may be a contributing factor to grease
and build-up, and maybe an indicator that a water filtration system needs
to be installed. With years of expertise on our shoulders, our sewer service
is sure to get the clog taken care of quickly and correctly!

Home Service Doctors can take care of your sewer service needs with ease.

If you think your sewer line needs attention, call today for your free
in-home estimate!

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