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Rooter Service: What to Do When Clogs Come Back

There is almost nothing more frustrating than a clog in your plumbing, which is what makes rooter service in Fairfax so important. They are almost always inconveniently timed and can be difficult to remove or workaround. Clogged toilets, sinks, and floor drains can be annoying but if they’re bad enough they can be much more than that. Clogged drains can cause water damage to your home and cost you thousands; even worse is that sometimes there just isn’t time in the day to call your rooter service specialist.

What Can You Do Before You Need Rooter Service?

Here a few easy solutions to take care of clogs in your drains:

  • Clearing Clogged Drains: If you’re in a time crunch, or water is rising to a potentially dangerous level, here are some ways you can handle different categories of clogged drains. Remember though, if at first you don’t succeed – call a professional, as drain cleaning is a much simpler process than drain repair or replacement which can be necessary if you push too hard or miss the mark.
  • Toilet ClogsProbably the most common type of clog, and most inconvenient to boot, is the toilet clog. Whether it’s caused by waste, paper or feminine products, or your child’s favorite toy a good plunger is usually the answer. There is a science to plunging though. Make sure you’re using a good plunger; the basic red circular plunger is a little outdated and often times won’t do the job. Make sure you have a good quality plunger with the secondary cup to it. If you attempt to push the clog you’ll only make it worse. Focus on creating the seal and pulling rather than pushing.
  • Sink and Tub Clogs: You can attempt to use plungers on the sink and tub clogs as well. Most of the time though, you’ll find these clogs to be caused by hair. There’s a tool you can pick up from most hardware stores, or Lowes/Home Depot called a “Zip-It”. These are great for removing hair from a clogged drain, and if used correctly they don’t cause any damage to the drain, unlike caustic chemical products.
  • Floor Drain: Floor drains often clog because of build-up; bacteria, minerals, soap scum, laundry lint, and other things they collect in the line. Similar to a heart attack, these build up until they completely clog the drain line. These drains are a bit more difficult to clear and require renting or purchasing a high-powered auger. Carefully following the instructions for the machine, you can try snaking or auguring the line until the build-up is blasted away. For any difficultly-clogged drain though, we always recommend calling your Fairfax professional rooter service, to avoid any potential damages.

Home Service Doctors can assist you in understanding the services your home needs for efficient plumbing solutions.

Contact Plumberologist today for rooter service in Fairfax and as always, follow our advice!

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