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How to Avoid Heating Service Scams This Winter

Heating service is the first thing to consider this season if your furnace isn’t working properly. With the winter officially starting within a matter of days, you need to make sure your home is equipped with a long-lasting, highly efficient heating system. Though there are plenty of heating contractors out there eager to help, you need to be careful. There is the possibility of hiring a scam service company during your time of need. These scams will try to get the most money out of you as possible for the lowest quality heating service. Don’t get us wrong; there are more reliable contractors out there than dishonest ones. But you need to protect yourself from the possibility of running into a scam at all costs or else you may face some dire consequences. In addition to not having enough heat, you may discover faulty repairs have been made that are making your heating system a giant fire hazard. Improper installation also brings with it some of its own problems. You may risk frequent system breakdowns and poor energy efficiency that will see you lose a significant amount of money. It may even get to the point where you are seeking furnace replacement much sooner than expected, which may cost you thousands of dollars. Before you hire the wrong contractor this season, now is a better time than ever to learn how you can avoid this trouble altogether.

Why Should You Call Home Service Doctors?

Fortunately, Home Service Doctors is available to provide high-quality service you can trust. Our team of heating contractors is licensed and fully trained to handle a wide range of heating services including repair, replacement, installation, and even annual tune-up work. Our team isn’t referred to as “home service doctors” for nothing. They will remedy any of your heating problems, offering incredible customer service to boot. If you have a burning question on your heating system, they will be able to provide a satisfactory answer. Thanks to our services, you will be able to enjoy long-lasting, highly-efficient heat in your home all winter long. You will save so much money on repair than you would’ve had you hired a less than reputable service. Our work is durable and designed to extend the lifespan of your furnace by years. Best of all, we make repairs that benefit your family as well so they’ll stay comfortable not only for this winter but for several years ahead.

How Can You Avoid Heating Service Scams?

Avoiding HVAC scams is possible this winter, and our team wants to show you how. Please take note of the following tips so you can stay far away from any service you don’t fully trust:

  1. Get a Second Opinion: Suspect a contractor is offering you an unreasonable price? Get a second opinion from another contractor! Having two pricing options is exactly what you need to determine the average cost for the service you need. It can also confirm your suspicions that the contractor is indeed untrustworthy.
  2. Ask for Replaced Parts: Always ask to see HVAC parts after your contractor say they replaced them. There are some scam artists out there who will try to get away with saying they replaced them when they actually didn’t do anything. Even if the contractor really did replace them, you should ask to see them just to be safe.
  3. Beware of Used Parts for Replacement: If a contractor says they can replace your faulty HVAC parts with used ones, turn down the offer instantly. Used parts will only hurt the system’s efficiency and make you call for emergency heating repairs due to more frequent system breakdowns.
  4. Avoid Frequent Tune-Up Offers: You should be calling your local HVAC service company for a tune-up on your heating system once a year, right before the winter begins. However, some contractors will try to get more money out of the deal by offering frequent tune-ups. For example, if they are recommending a quarterly tune-up instead of an annual one, you should stay far away.
  5. Get Estimates in Writing: Most heating contractors will have no problem providing you with written verification of anything you’ve discussed either in person or on the phone. You deserve to know how much you’re paying for service, and getting it on a formal document will give legit proof of purchase. If the contractor is hesitant to give you a written estimate, be cautious.
  6. Beware of Upfront Money Requests: While a contractor can give pricing in terms of how much you will be paying for a project, it is suspect if they ask to be paid before the work even begins. . Payment should only happen after the project has been completed. Making checks out to the technician’s name is a no-no, too — they should always be payable to the business.

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