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How Can Tankless Water Heating Improve Efficiency in Your Home?

Have you considered replacing your old water heating system with tankless water heating? Many people in the Fairfax area are, and it comes as no surprise. There are quite a few reasons to make the switch, but most importantly is the tankless heater’s improved efficiency over standard tank water heaters. Call your local plumberologist for more information!

How Tankless Heating Works

Tankless water heaters are different from conventional heaters because of (you guessed it) the absence of a water tank. A traditional heater has a large water reservoir that holds hot water and supplies it when you need it. A tankless heater functions more on-demand and only heats the water when you turn the hot water on, rather than storing it. This means you never run out of hot water because there is no tank to empty. It also means that your water heater is running much more efficiently.

How Tankless Heating is More Efficient

Tankless heaters don’t have to work unless you need them to. When you have a traditional water heater in your home it works to put hot water in the tank and keep it hot, around the clock. While you’re at work, on vacation, and even sleeping the hot water heater is constantly working to make sure the hot water is available whenever you need it. Since tankless heaters only use energy on demand, your tankless heater won’t be using any energy unless you need it to. This also leads to less wear and tear, and less costly repairs.

Call Home Service Doctors to Learn More

This improved efficiency in your entire home helps pay for the initial cost of the tankless heater, and since they don’t store water they also have a longer life expectancy. So, while tankless heaters are an investment at the beginning, they ultimately pay themselves off in efficiency savings over their lifetime.

Improve Your Home’s Efficiency Today! Call Home Service Doctors and Ask About Our Tankless Water Heating Services!

If you’re interested in having a tankless water heater installed in your home, call your local plumberologist today.

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