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Eco-Friendly Alternative For Sewer Line Repair

A homeowner will have to deal with some form of sewer line repair during the time they live in their house. Today, many homeowners want to unclog their drains without using chemical drain cleaners. They prefer using something to remove the clog in an environmentally safe way. It’s now possible for a clog to be removed using an enzymatic drain cleaner. This product uses enzymes to naturally eliminate organic waste materials like food, hair, and other items that are often the cause of clogged drains in a house.

Enzymatic Drain Cleaners

This type of drain cleaner consists of living organisms. These organisms will digest any waste product located in a drain and then reproduce. This has the effect of spreading beneficial forms of bacteria all through a home’s sewer or septic system. The need for sewer line repair can be significantly reduced. The original purpose of enzymatic drain cleaners was to maintain septic tanks as well as wastewater systems. Many homeowners like to use enzymatic drain cleaners because using them does not release harmful chemicals into the environment.


There are certain things homeowners should understand about this product. Enzymatic drain cleaners are not as easy to find as chemical-based drain cleaners. They also require patients. Enzymatic drain cleaners do not work as fast as chemical cleaners. Removing a clog may take a few hours. It is a product that may also need to be used immediately for the best results. Enzymatic drain cleaners are not as potentially dangerous as chemical-based products, but still require a high degree of care when being used to remove a clog. If you are ever unsure of your ability to remove a clog, call Home Service Doctors for an inspection.

Cost-Effective Sewer Line Repair

Enzymatic drain cleaners are more cost-effective than chemical drain cleaning products. This is because they contain materials that are all-natural. They are also a very efficient product that does not require a homeowner to buy large quantities to be effective. Regular use of enzymatic drain cleaners can effectively reduce or eliminate clogs. It is also a good product to use since it does not impact the health of those living in the home where it’s used.


The bacteria from an enzymatic drain cleaner will only eat the waste and food particles found within pipes. They eat any type of living organism. This bacteria will not eat through any type of piping material. This includes metal or plastic. It is a safe way to eliminate a clogged drain and avoid any abrasive cleaning or damage to a sewer or septic system. This will decrease the chances of sewer line repair becoming necessary.

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