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Does Your Septic System Need a Sewer Line Replacement?

Septic systems are a convenient way to provide sewer disposal in rural areas without municipal sewage systems, but septic tanks do require maintenance, such as a sewer line replacement to continue operating properly. An overly full septic tank or clogged and damaged waste lines can cause sewage to back up onto the property or into the home. The key to preventing this messy, smelly situation is to maintain and repair septic tanks with the help of the sewerologists at Home Service Doctors.

Common Septic Tank Issues

When the drains inside the home begin to work more slowly, it is time to take a close look at the health of the septic tank. An inspection can review an overly full tank, or it can help to identify other issues such as clogged drains or failing sewer lines. If smells, flooding or other signs of problems can be seen near the site of the septic tank, the issues will need to be addressed immediately before the sewage enters the home. The damage that can occur from a backed-up septic tank is daunting, as it combines the devastation of a flood with the health hazard of raw sewage.

The Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer camera inspection may be necessary to identify the source of the septic tank issue, and Sewerologist provides this unique service. By entering the interior of the septic system with a small, flexible camera, the issues can be quickly pinpointed for immediate repairs or sewer line replacement. Sewer cameras can identify clogged lines, tree root damage and other issues that are common problems for septic systems. By finding the precise location of the issues, expensive whole-system excavations can be avoided and the problem can be fixed immediately.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is important for septic tanks, and the use of enzymatic cleaners in the septic tank helps the system to efficiently digest solid waste. Adding enzymatic cleaners to the septic system is as simple as flushing the cleaner down the toilet, and it can add years to the life of a septic tank while preventing sewer line replacement. Enzymatic cleaners are widely available, and they are inexpensive while also being simple to use. 
Sewerologist has the experience and expertise to assist residential homeowners and commercial businesses with septic tank and sewer repair needs. Skilled plumbers with efficient, modern tools will quickly identify septic tank issues and address repair or replacement needs with speed and excellent customer service.

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