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Ask a Plumber: What is Hard Water?

Unfortunately, great water quality isn’t universal and hard water is quite common in many homes and businesses. There are lots of different types of water out there and they can have positive or negative impacts on our lives. From your body to the plumbing in your home, water quality affects a lot! Nobody understands the importance of great water quality like your local plumber. Your local Fairfax plumber, The Plumberologist, can identify the type of water in your home and have you on a path to improved water quality in no time at all!

For a Fairfax plumber, you can count on, contact the professionals at The Plumberologist!

What Is Hard Water?

Whether the water in your home comes from a private well or is connected to your local city water system, you could be experiencing hard water. Hard water is the result of a mineral buildup in your water source. It is overpopulated with minerals like magnesium and calcium. Although these minerals are good for us, too much can lead to damages such as drying out skin and hair, or clogging pipes.

You might notice hard water in your home if there is a mineral deposit left on dishes after they’ve been washed. This can be seen as a powder, or film left on glassware or dishes after they’ve dried.

You might also notice hard water affecting your shower. It reacts poorly with soap, making it harder to froth soap in the shower or while doing dishes.

The Plumberologist Can Fix Your Hard Water Problem

If you think you are experiencing hard water in your home, The Plumberologist is here to help! They can test the water in your home to see the exact problem affecting your water quality and offer the solution that best fits your home.

For many homes, the best way to fix a hard water problem is by having a water softening system installed. A water softening system keeps you and your home safe from mineral build-up.

The Plumberologist can help you determine what kind of softening system is best for you!

So what are you waiting for? For a free water quality assessment contact The Plumberologist today!

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