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7 Fascinating and Useful Sewer Drain Cleaning Facts

Drain cleaning services are extremely important when it comes to maintaining your sewer system. As we all know, sewers are a vital component of daily life for people all around the planet. These systems are responsible for taking care of the waste matter and drainage water. It’s not hard to imagine that day-to-day existence would be completely different without the assistance of trusty sewer lines. People rely greatly on sewers. They usually don’t know much about them, however. The following fascinating facts can provide people with quick sewer educations that may be able to enlighten them a bit.

From the Beginning

Ancient Rome is home to the Cloaca Maxima. This is among the oldest sewer systems on the entire planet. It was built roughly in 600 B.C. The goal of this system was to handle the waste. It also, interestingly enough, was to protect people from the disease malaria.

There have been many stories over the years regarding spotting alligators inside of sewer systems. Some believe that this has happened due to people accidentally flushing alligators they kept as beloved pets down their toilets.

Sewer Systems Today

Four distinct types of sewer systems exist in the modern age in the United States. These sewer system types are combined sewers, storm sewers, and foul sewers. Storm sewers and foul sewers are also known as surface water sewers and sanitary sewers respectively.

There are many extremely large sewage systems located in the United States. The sewage system in Los Angeles, California accommodates a total of four million individuals.

When Should I Call for Drain Cleaning Services?

Drain cleaning is an important component of keeping a sewer line in fine condition. If a person wants his sewer line to work well, he should aim to get it thoroughly cleaned in intervals of 18 to 22 months or so. This will avoid costly sewer repair in the future.

Many things can tell a person that his sewer line requires cleaning. A dirty sewer line may lead to effects such as unpleasant sewer smells, unusually slow drains, pipes that make bubbling sounds and water backups. You should also consider getting an inspection to ensure your sewer is functioning properly

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