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3 Benefits of AC Installation Besides Just “Cool Air”

If you’ve walked outside lately, you know that summer is coming. The summers in Fairfax, Virginia can be hot- very hot. The middle of a hot and sticky summer is the worst possible time to have air conditioning problems, we can all agree on that. But should you consider having an AC unit installed before it’s necessary just based on the weather? One thing a lot of homeowners don’t consider is that there are other really good reasons, outside of just the comfortable temperature, to consider AC installation.


One great reason to consider AC installation is to improve your home’s efficiency. Home appliance technology has been changing rapidly and efficiency has been the biggest producer of these advances. Depending on just how old your air conditioning unit is, there have probably been a ton of updates in efficiency of A/C units. Having a high-efficiency unit installed in your home can reduce your energy bills and keep your home cool for a much smaller price tag. The cumulative savings in energy costs can potentially pay for the AC unit over time!

Constant Repairs

Another great reason to consider replacing your air conditioning system is to avoid small constant repairs. If your AC unit needs frequent service and you’re calling Home Service Doctors regularly to make repairs, it may be smarter financially to replace the entire system. Regular repairs and service checks add up quickly, and over time can be more expensive than simply replacing the entire unit at once.

Peace of Mind

If your air conditioner is old, or you don’t know how old it is, it may be worth the peace of mind to have a new system installed. Air conditioning units last between 12-15 years depending on maintenance and usage. If you haven’t had your unit inspected or maintained, it may last an even shorter amount of time. Paired with the benefits above, having general peace of mind that your system is in good shape can be worth it! If you’re unsure how old your air conditioning unit is, call your comfortologist at Home Service Doctors for an inspection.

Don’t Melt in Worry Over an Old, Malfunctioning AC Unit This Summer! Call Home Service Doctors Today and Ask About Our AC Installation Services!

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