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Nobody wants to deal with a problem in their drains, but unfortunately nature has a tendency to get in the way and block them up. In some cases, these blockages don’t even come from what you put down the drain, but rather from things that find their way in, such as plants, grass, or even tree roots. When roots get into your pipe, they can rapidly grown and expand, creating a point where blockages can form, or even blocking up your drain or sewer line entirely themselves if left alone for too long. If roots are causing issues in your drains, make sure you call the Fairfax plumbers at Home Service Doctors for a high-quality rooter service!

At Home Service Doctors, our mission is to keep your home happy, healthy, and working smoothly. When you’ve got an issue in your plumbing, our professional staff of plumberologists and sewerologists can get it solved quickly and effectively so you know the issue is gone for good. Our rooter services are fast, friendly, and affordable, and held to the highest standards of quality so you can trust that the job will be done right. We use the latest tools and modern techniques to effectively handle the problem, and you can always count on us for an honest assessment of the condition of your drain and sewer lines.

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What’s In a Rooter Service?

Our rooter services are designed with your home in mind. We start by carefully inspecting your plumbing lines with a camera inspection so we can determine exactly what’s causing the blockage in your drains, as well as the health of your lines. In some cases a drain clog can be removed by force through a process like hydrojetting, but in other places it may be a better idea to excavate a pipe or replace it with a process like trenchless pipe repair.

Once we determine the best course of action, we present you with our findings and help you determine the best course of action. In most cases, we can simply remove the clog-causing roots from your drain. In some cases, you may also need to repair your drain line to prevent the root problem from returning—simply blasting the root away often doesn’t eliminate the problem, just gets rid of it temporarily. Using modern tools, we figure out exactly what it is your pipes need, and then implement it quickly and efficiently so your drains and sewer pipes can start flowing smoothly again.

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