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Furnace Maintenance: 5 Easy Tips for Homeowners

Furnace maintenance is essential. Winter is coming, and the last thing you want is to turn on the heat to find out your furnace is broken. Taking these 5 easy steps can help you ensure that when you need the heat to kick on, it works.

Keep the Furnace Clean

Dirt is public enemy number one for your furnace because it causes the furnace to clog and work twice as hard to produce heat. Make sure you intermittently clean:

  • the blower,
  • the pilot,
  • the hot surface igniters,
  • and the flame sensor.

Always call your local comfortologist at Home Service Doctors if you’re unsure how to get to any of these pieces, and for more information on furnace maintenance.

Change the Furnace Filters

Making sure your furnace stays relatively clean is imperative to furnace maintenance. Check your furnace’s filters and change them regularly. Hold the filter up to the light to assess how dirty it is and swap it out for a new one if necessary. Ideally, you should change your filter every one-to-two months during the winter.

Keep it Lubricated

Keeping your furnace motor cool and lubricated is important in ensuring you avoid costly repairs and furnace replacements. Depending on your furnace, some motors are permanently lubricated - but others require attention.

Tips for lubricating your furnace properly:

  • If your motor has oil ports, make sure you lubricate it annually.
  • Avoid over-lubricating by only apply a few drops of oil.

Inspect and Replace Belts

When you’re cleaning and lubricating your furnace, inspect the belts. If they show any signs of being worn or frayed, replace them immediately. As always, if you’re unsure what belts you need or how to replace them, feel free to call your comfortologist at Home Service Doctors for additional information.

Check for Leaks and Seal Leaking Ducts

One final tip for ensuring your furnace gets you though a long winter is to check for any duct leaks. You can purchase a special metal tape at home improvement stores to seal any leaking ducts you may find.

Call Home Service Doctors today for more information on furnace maintenance today!