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Top 3 Reasons to Schedule Your AC Maintenance

The old saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” doesn’t mean you should ignore routine maintenance for the appliances your home relies on the most. Your comfort and safety are our number one priority at Home Service Doctors, and we want to help you protect your investments. Maintaining your AC is a big topic to address as we move into warmer temperatures of spring and summer. Let Home Service Doctors share the top 3 reasons to schedule your AC maintenance with us today!

3 Ways Your AC Maintenance Appointment Helps Your Appliance Run Longer

  1. An Ounce of Prevention…

We know you know the rest of the famous adage “Is worth a pound of cure”, but in this case it’s a bit of an understatement. A preventative annual checkup for your air conditioner can save you several hundred pounds – that is, the weight of a new unit! Preventative maintenance is essential for making sure you’re staying aware of important repairs that may be necessary to extend the life of your system. Without an annual check up you may be in the dark when it comes to small issues that are escalating to larger ones. Missing small problems may mean it’s too late to repair once they impede the action of your appliances. The last thing you want is an expensive and unexpected replacement – especially if it was preventable!

  1. Clean Out the Dust Bunnies

Dust bunnies have a tendency to multiply if left alone – particularly if your air conditioner is stashed away in a closet or a basement! Dust can block your filters (we’ll talk more about that) and cause your system to run overtime to keep meeting the air delivery demands of your unit. Additionally, large amounts of dust can be a fire hazard and drastically affect your indoor air quality. An annual maintenance or tune up appointment will be sure to clear away dust and dirt so that your AC avoids repair and replacement for many years to come.

  1. Avoid a Filtration Situation

Your air filters are a key ingredient to your air conditioning unit. Cleaning or replacing them every year is necessary for optimal function of your air conditioner to avoid engine and motor strain. This is also to keep interior elements of your appliances clean and clear of dust that can erode or damage fragile parts. Your air filtration system also traps dust and debris before it makes it to your ducting, keeping your indoor air clear of allergens, dirt, and dust. Less dusting in the house, less dirty air, and a more efficient air conditioning unit – all benefits of changing out your filters yearly!

A Home Service Doctors professional is going to ensure your air conditioning unit is tuned up and running well every year to extend the life of your appliances. For the health and safety of your family and the investment and trust you place in our business, it is our primary concern that your air conditioning unit stays optimally maintained.

Our licensed professionals and trained technicians are local community members who understand your needs as a homeowner. We’ll treat your home like our own and provide clear solutions to problems we’re familiar with solving. We’ll present you with all of the tools and suggestions you’ll need to make the most educated choice, and show up on time and reliably for everything from air conditioning tune-ups to plumbing disasters.

Call Home Service Doctors today to schedule your AC Maintenance and extend the life of your air conditioner!