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Why Should You Consider AC Replacement This Spring?

As warm weather and humidity quickly approach, now is the time to evaluate the need for an AC replacement. Spring showers and summer humidity make AC a necessity. This is a strategic investment that will pay off this spring and summer and for many years to come. Here are a few tips to help you assess the need to replace your existing AC.

When to Consider AC Replacement

Repeated repairs and ongoing repair costs are a sure signal that it’s time to call our professional comfortologists to replace your AC. While maintenance and repair are a normal part of preserving the comfort and appeal of your home, repeated repairs signal a major problem. As your air conditioner ages, repairs are likely to become more frequent and thereby more costly. When it surpasses its usefulness, a replacement is a better value than continual repairs.

If your central air conditioning system is more than a decade (ten years) old, it’s certain to be energy inefficient. ENERGY STAR efficient units require air conditioners to meet current efficiency standards. Air conditioning units less than ten years old improve your energy efficiency, lower your cooling costs and increase comfort levels.

Uneven cooling that creates hot and cold spots in your home is another good reason to replace your unit. It could be that your unit is too small – or even too powerful – for your home. We can help you choose the right size system for maximum cooling and comfort.

If you need a replacement AC system, don’t struggle through the beauty of summer with an older unit that may have lost its efficiency. Proactive maintenance and routine care can extend the life of a new AC unit and further increase the value of your investment.

Don’t Let Costly Repairs Get You Down This Summer! Contact Home Service Doctors Today and Ask About Our AC Replacement Services!

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