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Common Signs You Need AC Replacement

With summer comes heat, and also AC Replacement. It doesn’t seem like that long ago residents were packing up their AC and waving goodbye to last summer’s final days. But life goes by quickly, and the time is approaching once again to consider cooling your home. The temperatures  are back on the rise and springtime is now upon. Are you prepared? While you may be excited for the longer days ahead, you may have to consider AC replacement before the first heatwave of the year arrives so you and your family have a steady flow of cool air to keep comfortable.

But how do you know when the time is right to repair or replace? Well, that’s where the comfortologists at Home Service Doctors comes into play. While we are certainly ready to provide you with high-quality AC service this year, we’re also here to educate customers on when the time is right to drop their old, current AC for a brand new unit. AC replacement can mean all the difference between how you enjoy life in your home this spring and summer, so it’s important to call for replacement immediately!

When Should You Replace Your AC?

Can you imagine getting stuck in your home on the most scorching hot day of the year without a working AC, simply because you didn’t consider replacement soon enough? Well, please observe the following indicators and see if they apply to your current AC:

  1. No Cool Air: It can be frustrating when your AC isn’t providing the exact thing it’s designed to produce. Your AC failing to produce no cool air is an immediate cause for concern. While it can be due to a wide number of reasons, a lack of cool air may come from a failure in the system’s compressor or low levels of Freon within the system. While these issues are repairable, it may be better to seek replacement.
  2. Loud, Strange Noises: Your AC should ideally not make a peep when it operates at its best, but have you heard it making squealing, grating, or grinding sounds recently? It generally indicates there is a mechanical failure within the unit and failure to attend to any strange noises may result in higher repair bills. The cause of the problem depends on the noise. Squealing means the AC belt is out of place or a lack of lubrication in metal components. On the other hand, grinding may mean motor bearings are broken.
  3. Strange Odors: During the spring and summer, you should be able to breathe fresh air in your home, but you may just have to hold in your breath if your AC is emitting a strange, unpleasant odor. If the odor is musty, it may indicate there is mold inside the duct work of your unit. It may also mean the wiring in your AC is failing. Replacement will keep the cool air flowing and your home nice-smelling!
  4. Refrigerant Leaks: Are you noticing moisture around your AC? In the most serious case, this could mean your AC is experiencing a refrigerant leak, which can be a major health risk if it comes into human contact. You need to call an AC expert immediately once you suspect refrigerant is responsible for the leak. It may be time to replace your AC entirely, just for the sake of safety!

No Need to Worry! Stay Cool This Summer! Call Home Service Doctors Today and Ask About Our AC Replacement Services!

Contact Home Service Doctors today, and ask about our AC Replacement services if you begin to notice any of these 4 signs!