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4 Signs It’s Time to Consider AC Repair in Manassas, VA

Spring is coming and it’s one of the best times to consider AC repair in Manassas, VA. As warmth and humidity descend on us with the spring and summer season, it’s natural to check on the condition of your AC unit in preparation for the cooling season. There are several other times to check up on your unit as well.

  1. Unusual Noise. AC units are designed to run quietly in the background. Hissing and whining noises indicate a problem in the functionality of your system. Such noise could mean anything from a leaky refrigerant line to a malfunctioning compressor and should be attended to immediately to avoid bigger, more expensive problems in the future.
  2. Low Coolant Levels. Leaky or exhausted refrigerant can lead to faulty functionality. If your refrigerant level is low, simply topping it off is a bandaid, not a cure. You’ll want one of our pros to repair the leak, correctly fill the coolant to its optimal level and check and maintain the repair. Call our qualified AC repair technicians to get your coolant regulated and keep your system in ready shape.
  3. End of Season. As summer draws to its conclusion, approaching fall brings cooler days and crisp nights. A thorough inspection and cleaning is a good idea. A check of the inner and outer workings of your unit along with its filters, coolant levels and structural stability. Taking these measures at the end of the season helps assure an AC that’s in good working order at the start of the next warm weather period.
  4. Inheritance Time. If you’ve recently purchased a Manassas, VA home and inherited the AC unit that came with, it’s a good idea to have it serviced right away. Have all its moving parts checked and make any necessary repairs.

Don’t let a minor repair become a major emergency. A broken air conditioner is NOT something you want to tackle in the heart of the heating season. Tackle any AC repair in Manassas, VA while you can do so with a cool head, which leads to a cool comfy summer for your family.