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4 Common Reasons Homeowners Need AC Repair

AC repair—you may not think it’s time for such a thing just yet, but the summer’s most scorching days will be here sooner than you realize. Like sunburns, melted popsicles, and near-suffocating humidity, one of the most unfortunate occurrences you can experience during the summer is the lack of a working AC. Imagine having to endure a heatwave in your home without a steady flow of cool air to keep you comfortable—long days and sleepless nights abound! That’s certainly not the way you want to spend the summer, so it’s important to call for AC repair now to beat the heat later!

But what exactly is making you pick up the phone and call for AC repair to begin with? Well, the professional comfortologists at Home Service Doctors has got the scoop on it! We have customers from all over the Alexandria area call for AC repair due to a wide range of reasons. After all, there is a lot that can go wrong with your AC, and our team of cooling experts can fix all of it. No matter what may bring you to call for our AC repair services, Home Service Doctors will guarantee high-quality work that will help you avoid a costly replacement, and help keep your summer cool and comfortable!

What Makes You Call for AC Repair?

While there are many reasons a homeowner will for our repair services, we’ve narrowed it down to the 4 most common:

  1. Refrigerant Leaks: Refrigerant leaks often occur due to harsh conditions such as severe weather or wildlife interference that would cause a leak in the coolant line. Leaks in the coolant line can vary in speed, either building up within a few hours or in a matter of months. The main concern with a loss of refrigerant is that it translates into a loss of cooling efficiency, resulting in higher monthly bills. The team at Home Service Doctors can check coolant lines and inspect the root of the leak so it can be fixed before you waste any more coolant.
  2. Strange Noises: If you start hearing strange noises coming from your AC, don’t panic. It’s not some sign of a ghost playing tricks on you. It is, however, generally indicative of mechanical problems within the AC that need to be addressed. While cooling systems should only make small purring sounds at the most, smaller noises can turn into louder noises. To avoid having your AC play its own rock concert and cause quite the disruption in your home, call a professional to investigate the source of a problem.
  3. Poor Maintenance: Sometimes it’s the homeowners themselves who are the reasons for AC failures, mostly due to a lack of regular maintenance. If you want your AC to be working at its best during the hottest months of the year, it needs a little TLC along the way in order for it to keep your home comfortable. The longer you go without maintaining your AC, the higher your repair bills will rise in cost. Bi-annual tune-ups from a professional are recommended.
  4. Electrical Problems: It’s not all about coolant leaks and filter problems; sometimes your AC problems may be due to poor electrical connections. Damage, corroded wiring and electrical connections may sink the performance of your AC more effectively than anything else. Worn compressor and blower components can cause a severe drop in cooling capacities for your AC. A professional at Home Service Doctors can inspect your AC any electrical connections gone astray before it requires you to get a new system entirely.

If These Four Problems Sound All too Familiar, Contact Home Service Doctors Today for a Free AC Repair Estimate!

Contact Home Service Doctors today for AC repair, especially if you’re experiencing any of these 4 problems!