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3 Reasons to Install a Whole House Humidifier

Consider installing a whole house humidifier today, so you can breathe easier tomorrow.

Summers in Virginia aren’t known for their balminess. We often try our best to eradicate humidity without realizing too little can be just as dangerous as too much. A whole house humidifier can help you maintain healthful moisture levels in your home regardless of the season.

Why You Should Consider Installing a Whole House Humidifier

1. Improves Health: Dry air can result in a several of health related problems ranging from an increased number of flu episodes, itchy skin and dry nasal passages. Moisture travels from higher saturated areas to less moist areas. Air that is lacking moisture will draw it from your body making you more susceptible to respiratory illnesses. Individuals with asthma or bronchial disorders should be particularly cognizant of the humidity levels in their homes. Lower humidity rates could aggravate their breathing problems. 

2. Protects Furniture, Floors and Valuables: Just as overly dry air pulls moisture from a person’s body, it will draw from organically based inanimate objects as well. Books, paintings and wooden furniture are all disposed to the effects of low humidity. Dry air can cause pages to become fragile and brittle, and cause paint to crack. Even your home itself is vulnerable to damaged, particularly if you have wooden floorboards. A whole house humidifier is one way to keep them from buckling and splitting.

3.  Cost Effective: Portable humidifiers do an okay job of keeping a room comfortable. However, they can’t really maintain a consistent humidity throughout your home and they aren’t cost effective. Typically, the individual units are cheaper than a whole house humidifier, but to achieve the same results they use considerably more electricity.

Humidity is beneficial for your wintertime heating bill as well. When there is moisture in the air, your home feel’s warmer. By using a whole house humidifier you might not have to rely on your furnace to keep you feeling comfortable in the colder months.

Give your comfortologist at Home Service Doctors a call if you’re concerned your home does not have enough water vapor in the air. Homes in Manassas tend to be driest in the winter. People also are also inside more. This combination is why now an ideal time to install a whole house humidifier in your home. Doing so will help create a living environment that is safer, more hygienic and healthier for you and your family.

Breathe Easier With Higher Air Quality! Call Home Service Doctors Today and Ask About Our Whole House Humidifiers!

Call Home Service Doctors today and ask about our whole house humidifier installation services!