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5 Tips for Duct Cleaning

Spring cleaning, especially duct cleaning is dreaded by some, but it really has a way of making a home feel new again. It’s important when you’re going through the cleaning process that you check out your air ducts to see if they’ve built up dust. If it’s time for duct cleaning then these 5 tips are crucial.

Turn the Unit Off

This seems obvious, but take it to heart! Always make sure the AC unit is turned completely off before you start to clean the ducts. The last thing you need mid-wash is for a rush of wind to blow dirt and dust into your face. This may be a good time to also consider getting a quick AC inspection, to ensure that it isn’t in need of repair or replacement.

Mild Household Cleaners

Once the system is off you can remove the dust covers. These can be cleaned with a mild household cleaner. When cleaning anything though, we like to recommend avoiding harsh chemicals and try some home remedies for great cleaning products like vinegar or baking soda.

Tape the Nozzle to the Vacuum Hose

Using a vacuum hose is a great way to remove a lot of dust and built up dirt from the ducts. When you attach the nozzle, use duct tape to secure it to the hose, that way it doesn’t fall off while you’re using it. This life hack can save you a lot of time and effort when cleaning the ducts especially in hard to reach areas.

Check for Problems

Once the ducts have been vacuumed to remove a large amount of the dust build up, make sure there are no debris and that the duct like is completely in tact. If anything looks out of the ordinary call your local comfortologists to get a professional inspection done. If they look to be in good condition you can continue to wipe down the ducts with a wet brush or rag.

Call a Professional

If at any point during the cleaning process you feel unsure about the duct work, how to clean them properly, how to put it all back together don’t hesitate to call a professional for duct cleaning, VA. Especially if there’s reason for concern about mold or rodents you’re better off trusting the experts.

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