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5 Signs You Need AC Replacement This Spring

Spring has sprung, and AC replacement may  be the difference between a comfortable or miserable summer season. The weather has officially warmed, the pollen is flowing, and the spring rain is upon us. That being said, does your AC need a little love this turn of the season? Call the comfortologists at Home Service Doctors today for an estimate!

Here are 5 signs that it might be time to consider AC replacement.

  • No Cold Air: This may seem obvious, but if your AC isn’t producing cool air, it may be time for an AC replacement. Even if you’re able to make frequent repairs and keep the air cold, those repairs may be adding up and may not be worth it. Investing in a new AC could help keep the air cold and future costs down.
  • Leaking or Moisture: There should never be any moisture around the AC. If you notice and water or leaking from the unit, it’s time for an AC replacement. The liquid could be refrigerant, which is unhealthy and should be addressed immediately, or it could be a sign that the drain tube that gets rid of air conditioning condensation is blocked or broken. Regardless of the cause of the moisture, these problems should be addressed quickly before mold has the chance to grow.
  • Poor Air Flow: Another sign that it might be time for an AC replacement unit. If the AC seems to be having a hard time pushing air through the vents, it could be an issue with the compressor or there could be debris in the system. If you notice that some rooms are cooler than others, it could be an air flow problem. Over time debris can clog the internal workings of the machine and it could be time to replace the system.
  • Energy Usage: If you’ve noticed that your AC costs you an arm and a leg to operate, it may be time to consider an AC replacement, especially if your AC unit is old or outdated. Technology has come a long way and the AC units being produced today have much higher energy efficiency standards than they have in the past. Replacing your air conditioning unit could be an investment for big future savings.
  • Strange Sounds and Smells: Other than a quiet hum to signal that it’s on and the sound of air flowing your AC shouldn’t make any strange noises. The same goes for smells. If your AC is making banging or grinding sounds it could mean that parts of the AC unit are broken, need lubrication, or have slipped out of place. Strange smells are indicative of a problem too, because a foul odor could mean that the insulation wire has burnt out and needs immediate attention, and a musty smell could mean mold.

Don’t let a run down AC system take away from your summer fun! Call Home Service Doctors today and ask about our AC Replacement services!

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