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5 Questions to Ask Before AC Installation

Though it’s soon to get warmer outside, you need to ensure it remains cooler on the inside with AC installation. Your air conditioning is key to home comfort this summer and if you’re not equipped with the latest in cooling technology for the season ahead, you need to call for installation immediately. It’s not just a matter of staying cool; it’s a matter of making sure family is happy!

And if you’re looking for a great service company to help you, Home Service Doctors should be your number-one destination for AC installation. We will supply you with high-quality AC as soon as possible so you’re not spending a single day this summer in the heat. We will ensure a quality product, ensuring you avoid costly repairs or replacements down the road. Plus, our comfortologists will consult with you in ensuring you’re getting the best AC for your home that can keep the whole family satisfied and provide you with cool air for years.

Before you consider AC installation, ask your cooling contractor the following questions:

  1. What size or capacity of system do I need? Though installing a cooling system in your home, you need to make sure the system is properly sized for your home so it can adequately meet your cooling needs. An improperly sized AC will either see a higher risk of breaking down or simply won’t be able fit within your home. Make sure a professional sizes the system before installation.
  2. What is the SEER rating? If you want to ensure you’re getting an AC with higher efficiency, please ask about your AC’s desired Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Older AC systems will have a lower SEER rating, meaning less-efficient cool air that will cost you more on energy bills. Make sure the SEER rating on the higher side to guarantee more efficient cooling!
  3. What brands do you offer? Chances are, your cooling contractor will have a few brands of AC systems in their selection, but may not necessarily have the one you want. Ask your cooling contractor about the brands they offer, and which ones they would prefer for your home. The word of a professional will go a long way in ensuring your home comfort.
  4. What are the estimates? You need a cooling contractor who can provide you with upfront estimates on the cost of labor and production so there are no surprises when the time for payment arrives. Getting estimates upfront will also let you know if the cooling contractor is offering a fair price that won’t leave you putting too much of a dent in your savings.
  5. Are there any incentives? When you’re paying a hefty sum for a contractor to install a cooling system in your home, you need to consider how much money will be flowing back into your pocket once it’s all set and done. Ask your cooling contractor if there are any incentives or rebates so you’re not sacrificing your entire wallet to pay for cooling.

This Summer, Keep Calm, Collected, and Most Importantly – Cool! Call Home Service Doctors Today and Ask About Our AC Installation Services!

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