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Top 5 Signs You Need Gas Line Repair

Without gas line repair, the risk of your home experiencing a fire or explosion raises significantly. You certainly don’t want to put lives of your family on the line, so when you first suspect there’s a problem with your gas line, it’s important to call for repair immediately!

Home Service Doctors is here to offer gas line repair that will help you avoid a serious, poisonous hazard. Our team of experts truly value your safety and will closely examine your gas line to identify any problems and repair them in short order. But no matter what, please call for assistance sooner than later!

When Should You Call for Gas Line Repair?

Gas line repair is an urgent matter and it’s important to know the signs telling you the time is right to give us a call. Here are 5 of the most common signs that something is afoot with your gas line:

  1. Natural Gas Odors: Though natural gas is odorless, your local utility company will add chemicals that make the gas smell bad so you’ll detect any leaks. Once you smell the gas, evacuate your home immediately and call Home Service Doctors for help. The smell may be unpleasant, but it’s the ultimate indicator that repairs need to be made immediately.
  2. Dying Vegetation: If you have a green thumb, it can be disheartening to see the plants and flowers around your home begin to wilt or die. This generally indicates a release of gas into the air, which is concerning no matter which way you slice it. Your first action should be to call a professional for inspection of your gas line immediately.
  3. Old Age: The older your gas line, the more susceptible it is to experiencing problems. In addition to performance issues, your old gas line may be falling apart and hazardous to use. While gas line replacement can be an extensive process, it is undeniably worth it, especially when it comes to preserving a high level of safety in your home.
  4. Unusual Noises: Anything but smooth, quiet operation indicates the gas is escaping from a small rupture in the pipeline or fixture. Always keep a good ear out for noises as they can be quite faint and you may not realize them until it’s too late. If you hear a whistling or hissing noise, call up a professional plumberologist to inspect the source.
  5. Physical Damage: Your gas line does not need to be past its life expectancy for it to show signs of wear and tear. Even the smallest tears can be causes for great concern. If you suspect your gas line is physically falling apart to the point where its performance is faltering, call for assistance immediately.

Don’t Get Stuck in a Potentially Dangerous Situation! Call Home Service Doctors Today and Ask About Our Gas Line Repair Services!

If you notice any of these 5 signs, please call Home Service Doctors today for high-quality gas line repair!