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Save Money & Live Better with Water Filtration

Have you considered installing a water filtration system in your Fairfax home? Water filters are so popular these days it’s hard not to, and for very good reasons. Adding water filtration to your home can protect you from untreated Fairfax water as well as save you money in the process.

Benefits of Installing a Water Filtration System

Better Tasting and Cheaper than Bottles

  • Adding a water filter to your home helps make your water taste better. The improved quality of the drinking water is better tasting and better for you than bottled water, so you can skip the bottles. Not only will you save hundreds of dollars a year, but you’ll help keep plastic bottles out of landfills. Win-Win!

Remove Dangerous Contaminants

  • In your water there are plenty of minerals, bacteria, and other contaminants. Adding a water filter to your home will get rid of these contaminants while allowing the necessary minerals to stay, giving you the healthiest water possible. Some studies have even suggested that drinking filtered water can reduce your risk for cancer and other diseases.

Use Less Water with Water Filtration System

  • Another way a water filtration system can help you save money is that with treated water, you’ll use less of it! Most Fairfax homes have hard water. This means the water is full of calcium and magnesium. Hard water does not react well with soap. The chemical make up of hard water and soap react in a way that prevents the soap from creating any suds. Since the soap and hard water don’t play well together, you’ll end up using more water in order to clean dishes, laundry, and even your body! Over time this extra water can really add up and cost you money. With treated unhardened water you can cut back on water usage.

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