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Ask Your Plumber: How to Save Water This Winter?

Your local plumber understands that it is essential to save water in the winter months. While we may not always be 6 feet deep in snow (although we have before) the temperatures still dip below, and stay below, freezing during the coldest months. Wasted water is a major concern in the winter months, mostly due

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Pipe Leak Repair: What Can You Do When a Pipe Bursts?

When a pipe bursts in your home, you need pipe leak repair immediately, or else you risk serious water damage that will cost you a hefty amount of money. Pipe bursts are quite common at this time of year and with temperatures consistently dipping below freezing as of late, it’s more important than ever to

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3 Reasons You Should Call about Water Treatment

Water Treatment is essential for your family’s health. If you’re drinking unfiltered tap water, stop. If you’re drinking bottled water, but use the water in your home to shower in, clean your dishes, and wash your laundry, stop. If you’re using untreated water in your home in any capacity, we recommend you stop. We also

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5 Questions to Ask Before Water Heater Installation

When it comes to water heater installation, being an informed consumer is important in today’s society. You would never buy a home or a car without first doing a little research and asking some questions. The same logic applies to have plumbing work done in your home. If you’re considering a Water Heater Installation, there

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How Can You Find the Right Water Heater?

Replacing your home’s water heater is no small endeavor, so before you make any changes, be sure to find the right water heater for your home. Your local water heater service professionals have things for you to consider to make sure you’re picking the best fit for your family. What Size? When you’re determining which

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4 Tips Wintertime Tips for Plumbing Maintenance

The winter can be a difficult time for homeowners, especially when it comes to plumbing maintenance. Whether it brings you stressful Holiday gatherings, dangerous amounts of snow and ice, or just general freezing cold temperatures, protecting your home can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Home Service Doctors has been preparing Fairfax homes for winter for years and we have

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How Can You Save Money on Residential Plumbing This Winter?

It’s not just about heating during the winter; your residential plumbing still matters too. Sometimes homeowners are so focused on staying warm that it becomes easy to forget just how important it can be to maintain and save money on plumbing. Drain clogs, frozen pipes, and leaky faucets are just a few of the plumbing nightmares

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4 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is necessary if you want your home’s most essential plumbing fixtures to be working at their best. Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting too long to seek treatment for their drains and it leaves them in a position where their plumbing fixtures may soon start worsening altogether. Yes, that’s right: a single clog can

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How Can Water Softening in Chantilly Improve Life in Your Home?

If your Chantilly home has hard water (hint: if it isn’t already treated it probably does) then you could dramatically improve your day-to-day living by having your local plumber install a water softener. Water becomes “hard” by traveling through the ground and picking up sediment and minerals, like magnesium and calcium along the way to your

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