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Cleansing Septic Systems For Winter

Cleansing septic systems should be a top priority with winter approaching fast. One must consider preparing their home for the coming colder temperatures. This does affect certain appliances found within the home and on the property, including the septic system. Before winter comes, consider the following information in relation to your system. This could save

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Maintain Quality Indoor Air While Keeping Your Home Warm

Indoor air quality is hugely important to you and your family’s health—especially considering the fact that many of us spend most of our lives indoors. Unfortunately, quality indoor air is not always present. Air always contains a certain amount of dust, which is harmful to people with respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, and COPD, as

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Why Should I Get My Drains Cleaned?

There are a number of things in life you don’t want to worry about, and plumbing is one of them. So, when you find yourself waiting for your bathroom sink to drain, you get irritated. When that store-bought drain cleaner doesn’t work, your frustration only gets worse. Fortunately, draining problems are often preventable when you

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What We Look For During Sewer Camera Inspections

The plumbing and sewer systems under and within your home are essential for your day-to-day comfort. If something goes wrong, you could be looking at major damage to your home due to a leak, or an awful stench that does not seem to go away. In order to avoid big problems, routine inspections and maintenance

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Furnace Maintenance: 5 Easy Tips for Homeowners

Furnace maintenance is essential. Winter is coming, and the last thing you want is to turn on the heat to find out your furnace is broken. Taking these 5 easy steps can help you ensure that when you need the heat to kick on, it works. Keep the Furnace Clean Dirt is public enemy number

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THE HOME SERVICE DOCTORS OF MANASSAS HAVE AGREED TO MAKE PAYMENTS ON NEW HVAC SYSTEMS FOR FURLOUGHED EMPLOYEES Monday, January 7, 2019 The team at Home Service Doctors located in Manassas, Virginia, has put together a program to make sure that government employees affected by the furlough is able to obtain and afford new HVAC

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Is It More Energy Efficient to Keep Your AC Running While Not at Home?

With the summertime in full swing, you have undoubtedly started to notice your electricity bill starting to climb as your air conditioner works hard to keep you and your family cool. After just a month of summer, the cost to run your AC as much as you want can start to take a serious toll

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My Air Conditioner Keeps Freezing: Here’s Why It Happens

Your air conditioner is in charge of keeping you happy, cool, and comfortable in the hot days of summer. Although, sometimes things can get out of hand and it can get too cool. In fact, it is possible that your air conditioner can freeze or ice over. AC units work by utilizing a physics fundamental

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Is It Worth the Cost to Get Your Air Conditioning Tuned-Up?

As a homeowner, you want to keep your air conditioning unit running as well as possible to guarantee your indoor comfort. You also want to save as much money as you can because every penny in your bank account counts these days. To these ends, if you want to get the best value and performance

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Will Running the Air Conditioner Help Reduce Indoor Humidity?

Your air conditioning system is your first line of defense against the heat, yes. But it does not cool your home by just pumping cold air into it, as many people believe. Instead, your AC system adds cool air while also removing heat and humidity. What this means is that your air conditioner can cool

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