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Why Should You Consider Sump Pump Installation Before Spring?

Though many homeowners plan ahead to do home and yard improvements during the spring and summer, there’s one thing many overlooks: sump pump installation.

Why You Need Sump Pump Installation Before Spring

Of course, installing, repairing, and replacing a sump pump isn’t nearly as much fun as redecorating your home or adding a pool to your yard. However, when you consider what can happen if you don’t have a sump pump, it suddenly becomes a very interesting option.

A sump pump basically pumps the excess water away from your home—water that would otherwise affect the home’s structure and even flood your basement or cellar. And when this happens, you can rack up some serious water damage both to furniture and furnishings, as well as to the structure of your home itself. In the worst case, this kind of damage can result in mold and mildew growth, which eventually releases toxic spores into the air. You and your loved ones can become sick, and your home’s basement can basically start to rot away. Effectively removing mold and repairing all the damage can run in the tens of thousands of dollars.

So why is the timing so important when installing a sump pump? Well, think about it: when the snow and ice start to melt, the ground surrounding your home can become saturated with moisture. Without a sump pump, the nightmare scenario described above will start to unfold. However, if you have a properly functioning sump pump installed, it will immediately start to pump any excess moisture away from your home, keeping your basement nice and dry.

Trust the Plumberologist for Sump Pump Installation in

Installing a sump pump can be complicated, especially if you have a cement floor under your basement. It’s imperative that your sump pump is installed at the lowest point—and that there are channels for the water to flow towards it. That’s why you need a trustworthy plumber with a proven track record of installing sump pumps for residential customers. In other words, you need the professional plumberologists at Home Service Doctors!

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