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What We Look For During Sewer Camera Inspections

The plumbing and sewer systems under and within your home are essential
for your day-to-day comfort. If something goes wrong, you could be looking
at major damage to your home due to a leak, or an awful stench that does
not seem to go away. In order to avoid big problems, routine inspections
and maintenance are crucial. But how can you know about an issue with
your sewer lines when they are hidden under the ground and in the walls?

At Home Service Doctors, our Fairfax sewer and drain service specialists
– sometimes we are called
Sewerologists – have an amazing way to inspect your
sewer systems and
plumbing closely. Thanks to advances in technology, we can complete
video camera inspections that give us literally an inside look into your home’s pipework.

What We Look For During a Video Camera Inspection

  1. Leaks: A
    leaking pipe is possibly the most common issue we find during our video camera inspections.
    A little crack or a loose end can start with a tiny leak, but build into
    a sizeable problem. We will want to act quickly if we spot one.
  2. Clogs: There are so many typical items that end up down drains and eventually
    cause a clog, from hair and hygiene products to grease and eggshells.
    Our video camera inspects are a great way to locate the exact location
    of the clog with ease.
  3. Pipe collapses: Old pipes, or new pipes installed incorrectly, can collapse under the weight
    of the soil above and around.
  4. Tree roots: Did you know that the trees that make your yard so beautiful could also
    be the source of your sewer and drain problems? It is not uncommon for
    tree roots to intrude into pipes and damage them.
  5. Corrosion: Of course, corrosion and rust can always be problematic for pipework. Video
    camera inspections will point us the right to them so we can get to work on
    repairs and replacements.

Interested in knowing more about our video camera inspections? Our Fairfax
sewer line repair technicians would be happy to tell you more!
Contact us at any time to schedule an appointment. Be sure to ask about our drain
clearing specials, too!

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