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What are the Signs I need Sewer Line Repair?

Property owners might wonder if they have a clogged drain in a building, and there are several signs that indicate a sewer line repair is necessary. When a sink has a difficult clog, business managers or homeowners may notice strange gurgling sounds as water flows down the drain, and occasionally, a backwash occurs. After sinks or bathtubs are empty, a property owner may smell a foul odor that is emanating from the drains. There are additional signs of sewer line problems outside a building such as seeing standing water on a lawn or smelling bad odors from sewage.

How is a Sewer Inspection Performed?

Sewerologist in Manassas, VA, provides camera inspections to determine if a sewer line has a dense clog that requires removal or cracks that indicate that a property needs a sewer line replacement. With a camera inspection, a customer does not need to worry about having their property’s lawns dug up to find a problem outside or having drywall removed from the interior of a building in order to see drains and pipes. In addition, the experts working for Sewerologist can work quickly to find clogs and sewer line damage, making it possible to plan a repair the same day.

Safe Ways to Remove Difficult Drain Clogs

Rather than using volatile chemicals that can burn their skin or eyes, a plumber prefers enzymatic cleaners that have a combination of safe enzymes and bacteria that dissolve materials such as hair, food particles and grease. As the enzymatic cleaner softens a dense clog, a plumber can use a rubber-tipped plunger or metal auger to force the material through the sewer line. After the clog dislodges from the drain and pipes, a plumber can run hot water for several minutes to remove the rest of the debris, cleaning the drain. For difficult clogs outside a building, a rooter or hydro-jetting process is used to dislodge thick clogs in larger sewer lines.

About Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

After a drain clog loosens, a new camera inspection is required to see if the pipes or sewer lines have cracks or holes. If a plumber notices problems with the sewer lines, then they discuss the situation with a customer before beginning a sewer line repair. With trenchless repair, plumbers do not need to dig large holes or trenches to insert flexible piping materials that harden later.

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