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The Importance of a Backwater Valve From a Plumber

Indoor plumbing has changed the world in many ways, and the most profound way it’s made an impact is by increasing hygiene and providing overall safety across the world. Being able to safely dispose of waste is critical to the health and safety of families, with one flush you have toxic materials flowing away from your home and never coming back. That being said, it’s extremely important to make sure they do just that – never come back. A backwater valve may be a key component in your home to ensuring the safety of you and your family.

What is Back Water?

Could you imagine if your water lines got reversed? If your plumbing starting flowing backwards? That’s the basis of backwater, when your pipes get turned around and unknown untreated water, waste, gasses, and other unmentionables start flowing in the opposite direction- towards your home rather than away from it. It doesn’t just apply to toilets though. If you have a fertilizer or insecticide attachment to your hose, it can drag those chemicals back into your water supply, pool water, and even any foreign substances touching lawn irrigation systems. Those are things nobody wants to be mixed in with their drinking water. Having problems with back-water almost erase the benefits of having indoor plumbing in the first place, and can be extremely dangerous.

The Importance of Backwater Valves

Being a Fairfax plumber for as long as we have, we’ve seen our share of disasters from a home not having a backwater valve or having a broken or damaged one. Preventing your home, and family, from disaster and health consequences, is the number one most important thing you can do, so making sure that your back-water valve (aka back-water preventer) is installed correctly and stays in good working condition is imperative. These valves do exactly what they sound like they do, they prevent backwater from entering your home. A professionally installed and maintained backwater valve in your home can save you a headache, heartache, and potentially serious health consequences.

If you have any concerns about your backwater valve or don’t remember the date of installation or the last time it was checked for maintenance purposes, Home Service Doctors are the experts at helping you get the service you need.

Call your trusted Fairfax plumber today for a check-up and protect your home and family from a potential health disaster!

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