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The 5 Top Sewer Specifics You Need To Know For Sewer Replacement

Until you’re considering sewer replacement options, particularly in an emergency, you may not realize just how important your sewer system is. The maintenance and installation are just as important as the quality of the system itself. One compromise to your sewer system could mean you are forced into sewer replacement when you least expect it. Being aware of the specifics of your system can help you understand if and which options you’ll need to be familiar with the event of a repair or replacement.

Home Service Doctors: Your Sewer Replacement Specialists

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Five Sewer System Details To Get Familiar With

1. Your sewer map: Every sewer system has its own unique requirements and design. While most are basically the same, slight differences in terrain, joints, materials, and the design of your building can dictate the need for particular pipes or fittings. Understanding where your pipes are laid and any particulars which are unique to your building can be critical to helping in an emergency. Understanding your system intimately will make sure that you’re not behind the eight balls when it comes to estimates and work orders indicating you need a replacement when the repair would solve the problem.

2. Get cozy with codes: With variation in terrain and landscape, each neighborhood will have codes specific to the area. Plumbing codes are dictated by state and by region, so knowing your plumbing codes is important. These codes are designed to help keep you safe and protect the environment. They describe the technical requirements for your plumbing, like depth, material, and direction of pipes underground.

3. Calculate Possible Expenses: Sometimes accidents and acts of nature require more work in the event of a sewer repair or replacement. Some things that may add to your cost: obstructions and location of your structures. If your house trap – which helps you catch lost items in your pipes – is located under your basement floor, you could be in for some dirty work to gain access to it. Pipes below floors and walls may require that the floor must come up in the event of construction. Landscaping, rocks, pavement, driveways, and even topiary can be flagged for removal in the event of major sewer work on the outside of your building. Knowing your system intimately can also help you make decisions before you install or construct some of these features on your property.

4. Material Markup: The material of your pipes may be cause for alarm when you’re looking at estimates for repairs or replacement. You may even question if replacing materials is necessary if things are still working. However, be aware that the type of pipe you’re currently using may have an expiration date on it that you should respect before you’re in a bind. Older homes were often installed with materials that have reached their lifespan at 20-30 years. While that system may be functioning, balking at your replacement because of the cost may cost you even more in the long run. Sewer replacement before an emergency is nearly always far less of an expense than if you’re also experiencing flooding, damage, or erosion over a long period of time. Get familiar with the material of your installed systems and conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure your system isn’t hiding any concerning changes.

5. To DIY or Not to DIY: The high sticker price of an estimate can inspire even the most committed couch potato to pick up a wrench and start Googling sewer repairs. However, beyond minor upkeeps, it is strongly recommended to rely on licensed professionals to address your sewer repair or replacements. Licensed technicians spend years becoming familiar with codes, regulations, design, installation, and detection skills that equip them far better than even exceptional handymen. Skipping to DIY mode may cost you in the long run if you’re missing even the smallest of elements or considerations.
At Home Service Doctors, we understand your concerns and your need for a service company to deliver quality products, competitive pricing, and professional service. From minor repairs to major renovations, we have your family and your equipment covered.
Call Home Service Doctors today to schedule a consultation for sewer repair or sewer replacement today!

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