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Sewer Repair: 4 Main Causes of Sewer Line Leaks

Sewer repair in Fairfax can save you from some seriously unsanitary consequences, especially if your sewer line is leaking. If you choose not to call for sewer repair in Fairfax when leaks are evident, then it may result in puddling on your front lawn and a hindrance to the performance of your plumbing fixtures. In short, it can really wreak havoc on your home! But sewer line leaks aren’t so easy to detect, however, as they do form underground. While the source of leaks isn’t immediately visible to the eye, it’s important to know the main causes of sewer line leaks so the problem can be fixed.

Why Sewer Repair is Essential

But who should you call? Well, that’s when it’s time to call Plumberologist for sewer repair that won’t jeopardize the sanitation in and around your home! We truly understand how a single leak in your sewer line can grow into a huge plumbing nightmare. Our team of plumbers specializes in fixing your sewer line whilst delivering personable customer service. When it comes to your sewer, take comfort in knowing you’re the top priority once you enlist Plumberologist to do the job!

What Makes You Call for Sewer Repair in Fairfax?

Understanding what causes leaks is an important step in getting your sewer line problems squared away. So, what causes sewer line leaks? Here are the 4 most common causes:

  1. Tree Roots: Tree root growth can seep into your sewer line, which can pierce through your sewer line if the growth is extensive enough. While tree root infiltration is common in many older homes in the Fairfax area, the truth is that it can cause sewer line leaks in any home no matter the age.
  2. Natural Causes: Natural causes include earthquakes, floods, and heavy rainstorms. While you may think damage from storms can only impact the external features of your home’s plumbing, it can actually bring damage to your sewer line as well, including leaks.
  3. Rust or Corrosion: If your sewer line reaches a certain age, it may begin to show signs of rust or corrosion which can see the sewer line begin to crumble. This may only cause small leaks at first, but it can only grow worse with time. If you feel your sewer line is becoming too rusted, then call for sewer repair immediately.
  4. Improper Digging: Before you dig to your sewer line, it’s important to be careful not to damage or sewer line leaks may be due to your own interference. Be on the lookout for your sewer line as you dig!

Let Home Service Doctors help you get out of or prevent unsanitary conditions!

Contact Plumberologist today for sewer repair in Fairfax, especially if you have leaks due to these 4 main causes!

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